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updated Tue. May 28, 2024

JAKARTA — The Indonesian government aims to impose its homegrown sustainability standard for palm oil on all operators, but concerns persist over the readiness of the previously exempt small-scale farmers who manage two-fifths of total plantation area nationwide. Mandatory participation in the ...

The village was Mendha Lekha and the head of its gram sabha was Devaji Tofa, a remarkable tribal activist I had the honour of spending the afternoon with. ... Under FRA, forest dwellers are entitled to community rights, like the ones Mendha Lekha secured, or individual rights, which allow them to govern, ...
Needless to say, tech companies and Internet freedom activists aren't pleased. Section 230 has ... “Being arrested for 'walking while black,' or 'walking while trans' is outrageously common,” Red, a queer, non-binary sex worker and community organizer, tells In These Times. “Advertising online is a method ...
An earlier petition was thrown out in Oct. 2017 by the county for also failing to meet the separate vote requirement, forcing the activists to rewrite the ... safety and welfare of our communities and natural environment,” attorney Ann Kneeland, who represents Community Rights for Lane County, said in an ...
Sala Udin, a civil rights activist who'd returned to Pittsburgh after years of work as an organizer in Mississippi, recalls a question raised in the spring of '68 — “Did black people in Pittsburgh have the consciousness and the guts to riot? If you're not going to riot after the assassination of King, then you're ...
“Those of us at CELDF and OHCRN met Dick McGinn as the statewide Community Rights movement was first beginning in 2013. Like so many in this movement, the message of local self-governance of, by and for the people struck a resonant chord with Dick. He attended Democracy School and became a ...
From Kim Foxx in Chicago to Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, reform-minded prosecutors are facing pressure from organizers working to transform the criminal ... Foxx rode into office with support from African-American activists and progressive organizations such as Reclaim Chicago, the People's Lobby, ...
We must become activists and support petitions to stop the harm, save our health and protect the environment for future generations. We need to get educated: Watch We The People 2.0 at 6:30 p.m. today at Farr Library, 1939 61st Ave. in Greeley. We must take action: Support community rights or sign the ...


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