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updated Sun. May 26, 2024

“UNMC relies heavily on these volunteer faculty members. They are an important part of education for students,” said Geoffrey Talmon, M.D., director of the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators and a UNMC pathologist. “Students tell us they're the most popular and rewarding experiences of their clinical learning.
Settlers praying in the middle of a road serving about a dozen Palestinian villages, along with prolonged security checks by soldiers, are for all intents and purposes blocking the road for thousands of Palestinians living west of Ramallah. Road 450 connects the villages of Bitilu, Deir Ammar, Jamala, Ras ...

The two agencies recently reached a compromise by which the Shin Bet will pay a man identified as A., 20, from the West Bank settlement of Talmon, 4,500 shekels (nearly $1,300), instead of the 25,000 shekels he originally demanded. The agencies are not required to acknowledge the details of the ...
In 2014, the settler-owned company, Alaaidon Lalakarat (Talmon) Ltd., filed a request with the Civil Administration's initial registrations committee, claiming it had purchased part of the land on which the building is situated and wanted to register it as such. The registration committee dismissed the request.
As Talmon Joseph Smith observed in an article for The New Republic on Thursday, "Nine of the 12 Democrats supporting the deregulatory measure count the financial industry as either their biggest or second-biggest donor." "Do not collaborate with Donald Trump and Trump Republicans to deregulate big ...

Talmon Joseph Smith is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. A former campaign finance researcher for Issue One and member of GQ's editorial staff, he contributes to VICE, The American Prospect, The Huffington Post, The Village Voice, and other outlets. @talmonsmith ...
Republicans are on the verge of attaining a long-coveted prize—with the assistance of Senate Democrats who have ties to the financial industry. By Talmon Joseph Smith. March 1, 2018. As the U.S. approaches the tenth anniversary of the 2008 financial meltdown, it faces a massive test of the post-crisis regulatory ...

On that May day, as Shehadeh drove along the narrow, winding road near Talmon settlement, his car hit 3 Israeli soldiers who had set up a surprise checkpoint near a sharp curve, according to Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. The soldiers in the area immediately opened fire at him; according to ...
"To have Grambling State University, enrollment of a little school of 5000 here in the country hills of Grambling in commercials with schools that have enrollment of 30 40 thousand people that says something,” said Talmon Butler, Director of development in External Relations. “It's not about the size of the ...
BETHLEHEM — The woman whose body was found on a slope behind Hoffman Car Wash in Delmar has been identified. Ruth Talmon, 70, of Schenectady County, was found on Saturday, Dec. 2, in an advanced stage of decomposition on the slope leading down to the Normans Kill and surrounded by a ...
Last year, Talmon Marco — known for making bank on the $900 million sale of messaging app Viber to Japanese online retailer Rakuten Inc. — was going to take the fight to Uber one driver at a time. The entrepreneur paid taxi drivers across New York City to download Juno, an app he created to upend ...


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