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updated Sat. April 9, 2022

Benjamin Netanyahu does not like to be reminded that his own father was not celebrating on November 29, 1947, when thousands of Jews were dancing in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They were rejoicing at the United Nations resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish state in their ...
Sharon, who (as I know personally) pushed to establish outposts, invited the left-wing Sasson to write a “legal” report that would let him destroy them – just as he destroyed the Gush Katif settlements in Gaza – and thereby extricate himself, as indeed happened, from the clutches of the law. Yet today, I ...

My term as Defense Minister was replete with challenges, starting with the Summer Rain operation in Gaza (the first since the disengagement from the Gush Katif settlements), the Second Lebanon War and the re-establishment of deterrence in the north, through the build-up of the emergency units, the ...
... who burned herself to death next to Netivot to protest the evacuation of the Gush Katif settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005. The Jerusalem artist Israel Rabinowitz (born 1954) places the remembered and the forgotten together in one long row: eight names and signs of flames, with nothing figurative.
It is very clear that the Gaza/Gush Katif experiment is a total failure. We see what Israel got in return for giving the Arabs Gaza: murdered Jews; Hamas dedicated to Israel's destruction; thousands of rockets bombarding Israel; hatred of the Jews embedded in the hearts and minds of every Arab; billions of ...
A straight line leads from Ariel Sharon's forcible removal of Israeli settlers from the Gush Katif settlement bloc 13 years ago to the “march of a million shahids to Jerusalem” declared by Hamas that led to the recent demonstration at the Gaza border fence. The Gaza Strip, cleared of all Jews, is seen by them ...

... applause as she held up a rubber bracelet she received that evening with the words “The Likud is for Sovereignty” in Hebrew. “This blue bracelet is the correction for the orange bracelet of Gush Katif [against the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005]. There will be no more evacuations,” she stated.
Twelve years after the disengagement, the largest producer of “Gush Katif” vegetables – the leafy vegetables that are grown hydroponically to reduce infestation by insects – has opened a new, state-of-the-art facility in the Negev. In a festive ceremony, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel inaugurated the new ...
Gush Katif, the settlement bloc at the southern end of the Gaza Strip, was unlike Kfar Darom and Netzarim which were situated in the middle of ...
... “Jerusalem Belt Forum,” the head of the Benyamin Regional Council of Settlements, Roni Snir, the head of Gush Katif Council, Danny Tirza, ...
Now 28, Gavriel left his West Bank home at 15 after being traumatized by the government's destruction of the Gush Katif settlement bloc during ...
His family and 8,000 residents of the 21 Jewish settlements of the Gush Katif bloc were expelled from their homes in Gaza. Forced out for the ...
David Hatuel, former resident of Gush Katif, whose pregnant wife and four daughters were brutally murdered by Arab terrorists in 2004, spoke ...
From our experience, when we did want to help, like back in Gush Katif and more recently [March 1] when security forces demolished nine houses in the centre of Ofra because of an argument about private property - so-called Palestinian property, but ...
His voice reverberating with both passion and angst, Assemblyman Hikind queried the olam, "How many rabbis went to Gush Katif, when their people needed them? How many really cared? We have the moral and halachic responsibility to act, to do, not to ...
On March 7, 2002, Farhat's 19-year-old son Mohammad killed five 18-year-old boys and wounded 23 others in the beis medrash (study hall) in the Gush Katif settlement of Azmona. She remarked how she "was his partner in jihad. It is a normal thing. It is ...
The suicide bombing and attacks, including one mortar attack on Gush Katif, caused the death of 44 Israeli civilians [151] and dozens of injuries.

The seeds of the Amona protest were planted 12 years ago in Gush Katif, the Gaza Strip settlements evacuated by order of then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2005.
On the other hand, Amona's residents were not like the residents of Yamit in the Sinai Peninsula or Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip who were sent by the state to settle these particular pieces of land, but were later removed by the state and saw their ...
... when 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif and northern Shomron. "The scenes that seared themselves onto the memories of Israelis in 2006 in Amona - when police used truncheons, horses and heavy equipment to remove protesters ...
Each time Settlements are disbanded there are new attacks on Israel, e.g., in 2005-06 Israel disbanded 19 Settlements, Gush Katif, in Gaza. What was the result? Hamas a terrorist organization won an election to lead Gaza, and in the next 8 years 10,700 ...
Think about it. The brutal, reckless "disengagement" from Gush Katif traumatized the country even though it involved "only" 8,500 people, located in far-away Gaza.
East Jerusalem, Hattiesburg was also hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, just eight days after the Israeli government initiated an operation in Gush Katif in which 9,000 Jews were forcibly removed from their communities in the Gaza Strip. Rabbi Ovadia ...
Another example of the Palestinian-as-Jesus interpretation is "Gush Katif," 2001, a 2001 photograph by Pavel Wolberg, a Russian-born Israeli, in which a Palestinian young man lies on the ground, barefoot, hands outstretched, his body arranged into a ...
FLATOW: When I asked her where she was going, she told me Gush Katif. I didn't know where it was. And then when I asked her, she told me Gaza.
Shortly afterwards, Gush Emunim, invigorated by their desire to witness the end of times, founded a settlement organisation called Amana.
... running hundreds of millions of dollars in cash through their vast tunnel systems, involved in land grabs of the best properties available in Gaza - especially those near the coveted Gush Katif - and dropping merchant tax revenues into their own ...
It is unclear whether the 800,000 Jews living over the 1949 Armistice Lines, comprising approximately 13 percent of Israel's Jewish population, will be required to relocate, as they were when the Israeli government dismantled the communities of Gush ...
This intellectual war turned physical in 2005 when the Israeli army brutally pulled out 9,000 Israeli citizens from their homes in the settlement of Gush Katif, Gaza - an act of "peace." I spent the next few years in Tel Aviv writing a novel about the ...
Uri Ariel, the Minister of Agriculture under the current government, is a staunch right-wing politician. He has been a member of the Knesset for 15 years and has always belonged to a right-wing party, occasionally even the extreme right.
In 1995, following the Oslo agreements, Melamed was among a group of rabbis that declared it a violation of Jewish law for soldiers to evacuate IDF bases in the occupied territories.
Such was the case in Israel's 2005 withdrawal from the Gush Katif bloc of settlements in Gaza, when thousands of families were forced from their homes by their own state's police and soldiers.
In 2005, he urged Israeli soldiers to resist orders to evacuate the Gush Katif settlements in the Gaza Strip. The latest initiative to be supported by American Friends of Beit El Institutions is a program aimed at training Jewish-American college ...
Shlomo Ben Haim, who was injured at age 19 in a suicide bombing attack in the settlement area of Gush Katif in 1997, also won hundreds of millions of dollars.
Shlomo Ben Haim, who was injured at age 19 in a suicide bombing attack in the settlement area of Gush Katif in 1997, also won hundreds of millions of dollars.
Kushner's father-in-law Trump has also donated to building and maintaining Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. After the 2005 forced evacuation of Gush Katif, a bloc of Jewish settlements in Gaza, Trump reportedly donated money to help create new ...
"The self-styled experts of the Israeli media predicted that Gaza would become the Singapore of the Middle East and on the ruins of Gush Katif would rise peaceful summer camps, models of Arab-Jewish coexistence. "They claimed that, at the very least, ...
The high costs of evacuating Gush Katif, which stood at 10 billion shekels caused the Israeli government to seek assistance from the Jewish National Fund and other Jewish donations.
The whizzing of electric saws and the thumping of hammers lasts long into the night; in the streets, cars must drive around large piles of rebar and gravel that sit in front of construction sites.
The whizzing of electric saws and the thumping of hammers lasts long into the night; in the streets, cars must drive around large piles of rebar and gravel that sit in front of construction sites.
... "Aid for Israeli Lone Soldiers" (soldiers without family in Israel or who come from broken homes); support for evacuees of Gush Katif who still suffer from the devastating results of being forcefully removed from their homes; an "Emergency Housing ...
Gush Katif was a bloc of 17 Jewish communities in the southern Gaza Strip. Residents there were evicted and the homes razed in 2005, as part of Israel's disengagement from the area.
Gush Katif was a bloc of 17 Jewish communities in the southern Gaza Strip. Residents there were evicted and the homes razed in 2005, as part of Israel's disengagement from the area.
Yet even late yesterday, some could not believe what was happening. A US tax attorney who came to Gush Katif from Boston, Massachussets, urged, in a stage whisper, a gang of extreme right infiltrators to stop burning green plastic skips of rubbish to ...
Since that period, the hegemonic Israeli Right has been hard at work ingraining in the Israeli public collective consciousness the myth of "The Banishment from Gush Katif" - a myth modeled as a traumatic narrative, which following Israeli tradition ...
"Gush Katif had no less than 400 farms in its heyday," explained Aryeh Weingarten, founder of Karmey Chesed charity organization to Breaking Israel News.
One was Ariel Sharon, who peremptorily decided on the unilateral withdrawal from Gush Katif and the forceful uprooting of 8000 Israeli citizens from their homes - in the expectation such a move would ease Israel's defense problems and advance the peace ...
Discussing some of the security challenges facing Southern Command, Zamir told the audience, "Over the past decade, since the eviction of the Gush Katif communities and the IDF's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, we have embarked on three operations [in ...
Yedidya Harush was born and raised in Gush Katif on the Gaza Strip and serves as the community representative for Israeli residents living on the border in the Halutza region.


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