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updated Thu. March 21, 2024

The one-sided decision by the United States to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem in May opens the way for a European Mideast peace initiative. ... of the Gaza Strip would also be part of these negotiations, provided there would be one Palestinian government and security force in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Satterfield mission and the prospects of a back channel to Hezbollah and Iran, via the Lebanese government, may provide an opening to de-escalating a potential conflict on Israel's borders, while beginning the needed spadework for an eventual settlement of Israel-Lebanon border issues.
For more than a week, the Israeli military has been severely restricting access into and out of the Palestinian village of Hizma in the West Bank, apparently in response to .... Jerusalem. To the north of Hizma, Israel established the settlement of Geva Binyamin, and the settlement of Almon east of the village.
Church leaders from Jerusalem have met with the King of Jordan Abdullah II and reiterated their opposition to the 'illegal' decision by Donald Trump earlier this month to recognise the Holy City as the capital of Israel. King Abdullah – who as Jordanian head of state is considered the custodian of the ...
“I was hoping it would get in the hands of President Trump — I quite frankly hope he would review it right now because his presidency is on the line,” Mr. Almon said in the interview. “I don't believe the president is getting the correct advice or proper information. Someone reading what I sent to Dowd will ...
In their filing with the court, Prudential and the class said the settlement was the result of 11 months of negotiation and a pair of mediation sessions in May 2016 and September ... "After more than a decade, we have decided to resolve this matter through a settlement that is in the best interest of all involved.
Israel's settlement activity has come under intense international criticism. In December, the United Nations — with the tacit support of the outgoing Obama administration — condemned Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as an impediment to a two-state solution. Settlers and ...
Having made itself the key player in this crisis, Russia is currently pushing hard for a political settlement in Syria that will have its own large stamp on it. A Russian Foreign Ministry statement last week — following the Security Council's adoption of Resolution 2401 calling for a 30-day cease-fire in Syria ...
With all that is going on with Netanyahu, recent revelations in Case 4000 might turn it into the Israeli prime minister's No. 1 problem. REUTERS/Gali Tibbon. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly Cabinet meeting at the prime minister's office in Jerusalem, Feb. 25, 2018. Two senior ...


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