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Seago, a sophomore at St. Joseph Catholic School in Bryan, spent his spring break visiting villages in Guatemala with his older brother, grandmother and aunt as ... the feeling with people who have not had the same experience of seeing poverty at such a low point but seeing the happiness in each village.
Dr Sharpe came to these conclusions after studying roughly 25,000 animal bones collected in and around Ceibal, an abandoned Maya city in modern-day Guatemala. Most of those bones came from what appear to have been rubbish dumps on the outskirts of the city. Some, however, were found in its ...

UNITED NATIONS, March 21 – Back on 25 August 2017 when Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales came to New York to meet with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on August 25, media mostly Spanish and Inner City Press set up a stakeout in the UN Secretariat lobby, to afterward hear his views on Ivan Velasquez ...
Guatemala, a country notorious for corruption, is the testing ground for a radical justice experiment. A unique legal commission is helping charge some of the most powerful people in the country, but the commission has made some powerful enemies, too. And it's fighting to survive. From Guatemala City ...
Orthogonal concrete planes filled in with glass form this three-storey residence in a hilly area outside Guatemala's capital, by local firm Paz Arquitectura. ... Aylvalaan House is based on stacked rectangular volumes embedded into a slope near Guatemala City, with the majority of its front facade covered in ...

Former Guatemalan finance minister and the chairman of under-fire British-based charity group Oxfam International, Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, arrives at a court hearing in Guatemala City on February 23, 2018. Colom and nine ministers of his former government are in prison and on trial for corruption ...
Other important trade hubs include Guatemala City (Guatemala), San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Chontales and Managua (Nicaragua), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Panama City (Panama). The Dominican Republic is Haiti's main source for imported maize, beans, and tubers. Haiti relies ...

Juan Alberto Fuentes, former Guatemalan finance minister, stands with his lawyer just before the court ruling on whether he will be released, in Guatemala City, Thursday, March 1, 2018. A judge is to decide whether a case of suspected corruption proceeds against former President Alvaro Colom and 12 ...
The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas sent linemen to Guatemala to help bring power to those less fortunate. ... LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas linemen recently completed a three-week mission to electrify two remote Guatemalan villages near the Mexican border resulting in ...
Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas linemen recently completed a mission to bring electricity to two remote villages in Guatemala. Lineman Terry Harkey with ... “We started at a point that had it, we took it that many miles and give it to a village that never had any,” Harkey said. Harkey said if it weren't for the ...
GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Washington's U.N. ambassador thanked Guatemala on Wednesday for its support in confronting Venezuela over concerns about democracy and human rights in the South American nation. Speaking after meeting in Guatemala City with President Jimmy Morales, Ambassador ...
(GUATEMALA CITY) — Researchers using a high-tech aerial mapping technique have found tens of thousands of previously undetected Mayan houses, ... were announced Thursday by an alliance of U.S., European and Guatemalan archaeologists working with Guatemala's Mayan Heritage and Nature ...
A team of 11 people, many from Federal Way and northeast Tacoma, will head to Guatemala in April to install stoves in two impoverished villages in the Barillas District ... “We could send money down to the village and they would install their own stoves, but the real key is the interaction we have,” Dirks said.


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