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updated Wed. March 27, 2024

Ghana and NAC Breda midfielder Thomas Agyepong has revealed that he is struggling to cope with the winter season in Netherlands. The 21-year-old, who joined the Dutch Eredivisie side on loan from Manchester City, has not been consistent in performance after recovering from an injury which kept him ...

DUTCH daredevils jumped at a rare chance to skate on the city's canals - and one even came across a kingfisher frozen in the ice. Dozens strapped on their blades ... Christoph van Ingen discovered the frozen bird while ice-skating in Oostzaan, a town just north of Amsderdam. He explains: "I found the bird ...
Local political parties are keen to reduce the number of cars in city centres but shops will be hard hit if plans go ahead, the Dutch retail association Detailhandel Nederland said on Friday. The retail group has analysed the manifestos for 12 of the Netherlands biggest cities and found that one in four parties ...
In low-lying Dutch city of Nijmegen, rising water levels from the nearby Waal River poses a real threat to communties. For centuries, dykes have helped manage severe flooding in the area. But as PRI notes, even those structures are starting to crack, putting the city's infrastructure at risk. Instead of fighting the rising tides, ...
'Living laboratories': the Dutch cities amassing data on oblivious residents ... Since the data on Stratumseind is used to profile, nudge or actively target people, this “smart city” experiment is subject to privacy law. According to ... “I don't think it's okay for the municipality to track its citizens in this way,” he said.
More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging in the aisle which is being set up in a new metro-sized pilot store of supermarket chain Ekoplaza in the Dutch city, including meat, rice, sauces, dairy, chocolate, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, ...
More than 15,000 skaters take part, split into competitive and leisure divisions (demand is so high that entrants must be members of the Association of the Eleven Frisian Towns, which organizes the race, and purchase a starting permit and bib for around 100 euros). Racers collect a stamp in each city and ...
The Elfstedentocht is, literally translated, the eleven cities tour. It is a 199-kilometre ice skating, and speed skating tour through eleven historical Frisian towns. The tour starts in Leeuwarden and journeys through the towns of Sneek, IJlst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, ...
According to research from Natuur & Milieu, which compared the 43 largest urban municipalities in the Netherlands based on 12 factors in the areas of ... Amsterdam falls behind Utrecht when it comes to the purchase of sustainable energy and the city's aspirations for energy, climate or CO2 neutrality.
There is more to the Netherlands than four big cities with a few fields in between, says economist Mathijs Bouman. ... Dutch economy as a whole I took not only the economies of the four cities themselves but each so-called Corop area, the surrounding area which often has close economic ties with the city.


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