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updated Mon. February 5, 2024

La Paz, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales today highlighted the role of education in the process of changes that the country is undergoing, ... In an event to deliver the Carlos Villegas teaching module in the municipality of Entre Rios, in the department of Cochabamba, the president ...
Leaders in the unassuming small town of San Juan in Bolivia are crafting it into such a place, and their hard work is already starting to bear fruit. ... The local city council and mayor became advocates, dignitaries from all around the country came to visit, even the president of Bolivia stopped by to see what all ...

Former Bolivian military dictator Luis Garcia Meza, who was serving a 30-year prison sentence, died Sunday. He was 88. Garcia Meza was admitted to a military hospital in La Paz after suffering a heart attack and could not be resuscitated. A medical report said he died "from possible respiratory failure.
The "Tinku" festival is a Bolivian Aymara tradition; the word "Tinku" means “meeting-encounter" in the language of this Indigenous group. It is an ancestral rite, which included hand-to-hand combat between the "ayllus guerreros", indigenous clans from the north of Potosi, and the south of the neighboring ...
A 49-year-old Bolivian national died allegedly of heart attack while in police custody on Friday. The police said that he was suspected to have been carrying drugs, but nothing was found out during his medical examination. DCP (IGI Airport) Sanjay Bhatia said that the deceased has been identified as ...
Nestled in Bolivia's Cochabamba valley is the village of Tiraque. One of dozens of indigenous farming communities in the traditionally fertile local region, it sits at an altitude of 3,300 meters (10,800 feet). There, families live as they have for generations: from what they can cultivate. That has traditionally ...

Newly approved anti-contraband law to heighten risks of road blockades, cargo delays, and corruption on Bolivia's borders ... Increased powers to the Bolivian army heighten the risks of cargo delays, protests, and road blockades on major transport routes and borders (especially in western regions near ...
High up in the chilly mountain plains of Bolivia, the functional mining city of Oruro is not known for its beauty—but it is a place transformed annually by El Carnaval de Oruro, the best-known carnival celebrations in the country. This year, Oruro-born artist Rilda Paco found herself at the center of a festival ...
His mother, Caroline, has spearheaded the campaign to seek justice for her son, hold the Bolivian authorities to account, and to correct the reporting ... summarily executed alongside two other men in a raid by an elite police unit on the hotel where he was staying in the city of Santa Cruz on April 16th, 2009.
Bolivia has a majority indigenous population that, before the inauguration of the current (and first indigenous) president, Evo Morales, in 2006, was subject to systematic discrimination. ... I'd come to La Paz — part of my yearlong trek following The Times's 52 Places to Go list (the city came in at No.

Bolivia's U.N. Ambassador Sacha Llorentty Soliz, who has supported Russia on Syria in council votes, said he requested a briefing from a senior U.N. .... The Russian military says it will deploy troops to the Syrian town of Douma that was the site of a purported chemical weapons attack over the weekend.
A U.S. jury on Tuesday found a former president of Bolivia and his defense minister responsible for killings by security forces during 2003 unrest in the South American nation, awarding $10 million in damages in a lawsuit filed by Bolivians whose relatives were among the slain. The jury verdict came ...
In her final column writing from Bolivia, Amy Booth reflects on what Cochabamba has revealed to her – including about herself. ... The centres of many Bolivian cities appear well-heeled and even affluent, but when you open your eyes and ears, there are constant reminders that you've barely scratched the ...
"We'll show the International Court of Justice and all people on the planet that our cause is just, reasonable and sound," President Evo Morales said after flying over the flag in a helicopter. Bolivian officials say the Bolivian Navy ensign held by participants on Saturday is the world's biggest — or at least ...
LA PAZ, March 10 (Xinhua) -- A cable car network linking Bolivia's two largest cities, La Paz and El Alto, has become a viable and popular alternative to traditional means of mass transit. More economical and speedier than buses, the cable cars are such a success that the government is planning to expand ...
Bolivia has deployed an unusual weapon in a maritime dispute with Chile - a colossal flag stretching about 200 km (124 miles). Bolivia wants to recover access to the Pacific Ocean, which it lost to Chile in a 19th Century war. It is due to take its demand to the International Court of Justice later this month.
The town is set at an incredible altitude of 3,841m, up in Bolivia's blindingly bright-blue, thin-air skies. “This is a very sacred place for both Bolivians and Peruvians,” Gustavo Morales, my Bolivian tour guide, told me, explaining that Copacabana is the main entry point for those travelling from Peru into Bolivia ...
Bertha Acarapi looks out over the Bolivian capital, La Paz, from the backyard of ATB Television studios in the adjacent city of El Alto. Acarapi is a news ... a pageant contest. Acarapi has a Masters in public management and between 2000 and 2005 she served as alderwoman of the El Alto municipality.
At least eight people in Bolivia have died when a gas canister used by a street vendor exploded during the city of Oruro's famous carnival celebrations. More than 40 others were injured, the authorities said. Several victims had to be airlifted to Bolivia's main city, La Paz, as local hospitals struggled to cope.
Outside, the government soldiers were charging through the small village, firing away. Hours passed before the shooting stopped. By then, as her relatives held an impromptu wake in the dark, Marlene was dead — an innocent victim of the violent unrest that wracked Bolivia in the fall of 2003.


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