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updated Mon. May 6, 2024

CHENNAI: Faced with a fund crunch to implement welfare schemes, the Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday sought the support of the NDA ... “The 14th finance commission grant is one of the major sources of revenue for village panchayats to provide basic and essential services to the public,” the ...

Sedentary lifestyles coupled with consumption of junk food and hours spent in front of mobile phones, laptops and television — all have a role in rising obesity among children, which is fast becoming a health concern in metro cities. A survey conducted by a private provider of health services, in schools in ...
Though hundreds of people queued up in front of the Kanchi mutt on Wednesday to pay their last respects to Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, there was hardly any impact on normal life and people went about their usual business in the temple town. The shops and establishment in the town were open throughout ...
Community turnover is now in the range of Rs. 50 crore; universal township employs nearly 5,000 people from 13 villages ... from the 13 adjoining villages — an estimated 23% of the budget (general) is earmarked for village development and 28% of the educational budget is allocated to village education.
Officials said the waterbodies played a vital role in promoting water security to the city. “We have to study the entire ecosystem of the water bodies to restore them. Many cities in other parts of the world are facing similar challenges,” said S. Santhanam, former member-Chief Urban Planner CMDA.
With sugarcane as the main crop in this and neighbouring villages, jaggery making is a prominent cottage industry. Neikkarapatti village is in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu and is about 15 km away from Palani, known for the hilltop temple. Cattle-rearing was the main occupation of the villagers during the ...
12-year-old Dalit Boy Beaten to Death in Tamil Nadu Village, Sister and Mother Injured. Reacting to the ... Villupuram (TN): A 12-year-old Dalit boy was beaten to death and his sister and mother injured in an attack on their family by a group of unidentified persons at a nearby village, police said on Monday.
Located in Tamil Nadu, close to the Coromandel Coast, nearly 10 km north of Puducherry and 15 km south of Chennai, it is a place for research and experimentation. The Auroville Outreach ... There are 13 villages close to Auroville with a population of 40,000 and at least 40 villages in its larger bioregion.
A 12-year-old Dalit boy was killed and his sister and mother were injured in an attack on their family by unidentified persons at a nearby village, the police said. Amid allegations that the girl and woman were sexually assaulted in the February 22 pre-dawn attack at Vellamputhur, which came to light on ...
VIRUDHUNAGAR: It's another Sunday. However, unlike the other weekends, it's grief that took centre stage at this small village of Meenampatti in Sivakasi Taluk this time. Reason: The female superstar of Bollywood, Sridevi, a native of the village, is no more.Hailing from a family with political and ...


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