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updated Wed. June 12, 2024

Given the needs of the nation's primary schools, the Guatemalan authorities, in coordination with SOUTHCOM, “made it a priority to provide desks to students at educational centers located in remote and disadvantaged areas that suffered the effects of the long civil war in past decades [1960-1996],” Maj.

This came as a frail Guatemala struggle to prosecute those criminal networks still rampant after a decades-long civil war. Lawyer Daniel Wilkinson, now with Human Rights Watch, helped set it up. DANIEL WILKINSON: The state institutions, especially in the criminal justice area - we're extremely weak and ...
A Providence man accused of committing dozens of murders and kidnappings during the Guatemalan civil war faced federal prosecutors in immigration court Friday, arguing he could face torture should he be deported. Juan Samayoa, 67, is facing deportation to his native Guatemala, where prosecutors ...
Guatemala's president said Wednesday he will withdraw army troops from day-to-day law enforcement duties following accusations that soldiers were involved in corruption and ... Critics have long said the army's role in policing violated the 1996 peace accords that put an end to 36 years of civil war.


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