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updated Wed. April 3, 2024

The Brown's Town police have reportedly made a breakthrough in the murder of 28-year-old Teng Fei Cheng, a Chinese national and businessman of ... and Supervisory Employees (UCASE) says it has served claim for representation on the management of Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios on ...

The Closed Harbour Beach Park, also known as Dump-up Beach, is to benefit from a redevelopment programme that will transform it into a world-class ... In outlining the UDC's objective for Montego Bay, Dear said that the vision is to make it the leading city in the Western Hemisphere through the ...
Tammy Williams, center, of Richmond Rotary Club, is surrounded by Jamaican children during a lunchtime break from the medical mission clinic where she ... days in Jamaica – not to lounge on the beach, but to help Jamaicans in rural parishes (parishes are subdivisions of the three counties in Jamaica).
Jamaica Plain's Centre Street is getting another Dominican restaurant, according to Jamaica Plain News: Delicias 100% Express plans to open at ... not all: Santia's Bakery could also open this spring at 3381 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain, per a City Realty banner ad running on Jamaica Plain News.
Jamaica's tropical beaches and year-round hot weather make it another perfect escape from the cold European winter. For inspiration, have a read of our recent feature on chic Treasure Beach, as well as Ocho Rios, an easy-going port town on the opposite side of the island to Kingston. We've also got ...
I remember when I read it, I said, “This is the greatest book about Jamaica ever written, and it's set in the Philippines.” If you're from a city like Kingston, or Manila, or Mexico City, you realize the best way to describe the ridiculousness of our cities is that you're always between a general election and a beauty ...
When the plane comes into land in Montego Bay, the view isn't quite the Caribbean I imagined during all those hours flying over the Atlantic. A line of .... Legendary figures also loom large further along the coastline – 89km to be exact – at Jamaica Inn, a 50-room boutique hotel in the town of Ocho Rios.
NEW YORK, United States (CMC) — Three major groups in New York have criticised what they described as “uneven legal assistance” for Caribbean and ... The report states that, upon consulting organizations serving undocumented people, it is worrisome to find that the city of New York's investment in ...


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