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updated Mon. May 27, 2024

There were no changes in security ordered after a 2015 attack on a school in the industrial town of Trollhattan, in which three people were killed by a ... Mexico's ongoing drug war has driven schools in Baja California, Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez and some other cities to hold emergency drills to instruct ...

It was the early 2000s, Border patrol agents were apprehending about 800 people a day in the 127 mile stretch of the Yuma Sector, where my nana's town is located. This went on for years. Until it didn't. She says it just stopped. The coyotes ran out of business. Around 2008 illegal border crossings in the ...
Baja California and San Diego lose sole classical music station ... The station, whose broadcast area covered the regions of southern San Diego County, Tijuana, and northern Baja California, announced on February 9 that it ... It was a pleasure to provide life-changing music for two cities which we love.”.
This Oct. 16, 2017 photo shows the cellar at Hacienda la Lomita in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada Municipality, Baja California, Mexico. ... people dining at the Rustic steakhouse Finca Altozano, which includes sweeping views of Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada Municipality, Baja California, Mexico.
This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur in Mexico. ... voice in English of Los Cabos,” addresses the safety concerns surrounding Los Cabos and Mexico, what's changed since she moved there, and her favorite Japanese restaurant in town.
... Baja California, where there are more than 500 practicing dentists. Research completed by a Simon Fraser University doctoral student found that the influx of medical tourists to the town nicknamed “Molar City” brought a lot of economic benefits but also contributed to exploitative working conditions and ...
Most Californians' first encounter with Mexico comes in college, courtesy of the alcohol-drenched border towns of Baja California—whether it's tequila shots in Tijuana or partying at Papas & Beer in Rosarito. But continue south to Ensenada, and northern Baja's coast-hugging town surprises with inspired ...
A huge brewery is being built in the nearby city of Mexicali, and Gallegos – like many others – fears it will suck up what little water remains to make beer for export to the US. Gallegos and other farmers see themselves as the victims of an unhealthy deal between the state government of Baja California and ...


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