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updated Sun. May 12, 2024

World Heritage City of Karlskrona - Outstanding late 17th century European planned naval city, the original plan and many buildings are intact. Drottningholm Palace and ... set in an idyllic village. Old Rauma - One of the few medieval towns in Finland, rich Nordic architecture from several historical periods.

AHTARI, Finland, March 3 (Xinhua) -- The new home of Chinese giant pandas Huabao and Jinbaobao in central Finland officially opened to public on Saturday following a ... was signed. Mayors of the city of Dujiangyan and the city of Ahtari also signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation.
While we might regard the so-called Beast from the East as a particularly cold snap, the residents of Helsinki in Finland would consider it relatively mild. Temperatures ... People probably would think that the city is escaping its responsibilities of keeping the city functioning even in cold and snowy weather.
The idea for the baby incentive in the form of tax relief came from a motion by The Christian Democratic Party councillor's group, which proposed a 10,000-euro baby bonus for each child born in the town. The proposal was further refined until the municipal council approved the tax holiday for families with ...
Finnish carrier Elisa has promised to complete a 5G-ready network in the city of Turku by the end of May, the company announced today. Turku is Finland's oldest city, settled during the 13th century, and is expected to be one of Europe's first cities with next-generation 5G wireless capabilities.
Traditionally, Finland and India have enjoyed cordial international relations with each other. Today, India presents a vast and lucrative market for Finland's technology products and investments. In a recent interview with GOInternational Finland, Finnish Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing, ...
Issues such as the employment rate, the age structure of the population and the potential of the capital region should be greater concerns for Finland than ... Almost all of its municipalities have yet to reach an employment rate of 75 per cent, a level that has been reached by almost every municipality in the ...


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