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... Indianapolis, Tuesday, July 25, 2017. (Photo: Robert Scheer/IndyStar)Buy Photo ... When asked if there are plans to measure potential cost savings, Brad Ray, another study author, said researchers aim to compare the unit's responses against other police runs. The study highlighted other successes of ...

Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer meets with Truthdig columnist Maj. Danny Sjursen, a United States Army officer who served tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sjursen's memoir, “Ghost Riders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge,” offers an incisive critique ...
Other panelists include Steve Berta, editor for the series; Robert Scheer, visual journalist, and Gerry Lanosga, Professor of Investigative Journalism at Indiana University. Among the top award winners in the 2016 Investigative Reporters & Editors contest, which recognizes the best watchdog journalism of the year, the Indy ...
Drugs laced with bug spray have zombie-like effects. Users writhing on the ground, wide-eyed and struggling to breathe. Standing but moving in slow motion. Sweating. Convulsing. Author: Holly V. Hays and Robert Scheer, Indianapolis Star. Published: 1:56 PM EDT March 20, 2018. Updated: 2:03 PM EDT March 20, 2018.
RS: Hi, this is Robert Scheer with another edition of Scheer Intelligence, where hopefully the intelligence comes from my guests. In this case, it's Greg Campbell, a writer, a journalist, and now a film director, at least in the last four, five years. He's been making a film about his childhood friend who went on to ...

In the fall of 1965, I had just returned to UC Davis for the beginning of my second year. I was 18. One September night, in 100 Hunt Hall, I heard the journalist Robert Scheer speak about the history behind the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Already skeptical about the war that was behind the drafting of ...
An IndyStar journalist visiting the tire shop Sunday found a sign saying it was open 24/7 but the windows were dark and the doors were closed. Outside, a few piles of old tires laid discarded along ... Indystar photojournalist Robert Scheer contributed to this story. Call IndyStar reporter Ryan Martin at (317) ...
Robert Scheer: Hi, I'm Robert Scheer, and this is Scheer Intelligence. Today we're continuing our conversation with legendary chef, restaurateur, and author Alice Waters. Her new book is Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook. For those of you who don't know about Chez Panisse, ...
Bauer was referring to the same Caitlin Johnstone, self-styled "rogue journalist" from Melbourne, Australia, who tried to sue the Banter following a pair of articles, one from ... When Robert Scheer founded Truthdig in 2005, he promised to report on issues "that are insufficiently covered by mainstream media".

FAIR's report, written by journalist Ben Norton and published on Jan. 8, certainly merited a serious response from MSNBC and the anchors most identified by the study, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Yet no response has come from them or network executives. (Full disclosure: I'm a longtime associate of ...
CODEPINK holds an International Women's Day March from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday (March 8) at the Los Angeles Federal Building (300 N. Los Angeles St.) and hosts author Robert Scheer and cartoonist Mr. Fish in conversation from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday (March 3) at the Robert Berman Gallery in Bergamot ...
In this week's episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” host and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer meets with Debra Deanne Olson, granddaughter of former ... And Upton Sinclair, a very famous author and so forth, and progressive, was the leader of that movement, and it was part of a general progressive ...
Resolution author Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, said there wasn't enough support in the Senate for the resolution, so he removed it from the calendar. The resolution would have required lawmakers to study the impact of the time zone change, not necessarily make a commitment to change time zones.
RS: Hi, I'm Robert Scheer, and this is Scheer Intelligence, where the intelligence presumably will come from my guests. There's no question today; it is journalist and author David Cay Johnston. And I want to say, this is Part 2 of an interview we began, a podcast that you can go get, in September of 2016.
Over the course of his career, Kelly was a journalist, soldier, Neiman Fellow, speechwriter for President Harry Truman, assistant to the U.S. Senate majority leader, and ... Past lecturers for the Peace Foundation event include Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, Helen Caldicott and Robert Scheer.
With over 50 years' experience, award-winning author and journalist Robert Scheer's to-the-point style has been copied, but never replicated. He has interviewed U.S. presidents, had a regular column in the L.A. Times and is the former host of National Public Radio's “Left, Right and Center.” His voice can ...
In this week's episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” host and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer meets with Truthdig columnist Maj. Danny Sjursen, a United States Army ..... RS: Again, I'm talking to Danny Sjursen, who is a brilliant writer, and I'm not saying that casually. And your writing, it has such respect ...
... environmental hazards and militarism: investigative reporter Lee Fang of The Intercept; Investigative Fund reporting fellow and Intercept journalist Sharon Lerner; Truthout staff reporter Dahr Jamail; and author Todd Miller. The Izzy Award, presented for outstanding achievement in independent media, ...
Those provisions focus on the two other major areas that the Chamber and proponents support: establishing standards for diagnosing asbestos disease, including the 15-year timeline, and determining that settlement claims should beadmissible in court. The bill's author and Behrens argue that the 15-year ...


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