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updated Tue. May 7, 2024

Bill Cunningham's legislation would have voters answer if they would “support the legalization of possession and use of marijuana by persons who are at least 21 years of age, subject to regulation and taxation that is similar to the regulation and taxation of tobacco and alcohol.” Eight states and the District ...
A clean, oft-lighted place: Circa Tabac was one place where smoking was not just allowed; it was the point. Alex Witchel, the article's author, described how free she felt, escaping her apartment building, where she furtively puffed in the service stairwells, to meet at Circa Tabac for “a few stolen hours of Puff ...

Bill Cunningham, D-Chicago, said putting the matter to a vote would “bring the public into the debate” and “give them an opportunity to register their ... and Senate, voters would be asked if they support legalizing recreational use for those 21 and older, under tax regulations similar to tobacco and alcohol.
On the day she turns 18, Lady Bird, the title character of Greta Gerwig's much-praised film, goes to a convenience store and buys a lottery ticket, a copy of Playgirl and a pack of cigarettes. “Lady Bird'' is set in the first years of the current millennium, and the fact that its heroine experiments with smoking is as ...
Wild child Bella Thorne is wreaking havoc on the Sundance Film Festival — the former Disney child star's entourage was kicked out of her hotel in Park City, Utah, for smoking pot. A source tells us that Thorne and her entourage of four — including her boyfriend, long-haired stoner rapper Mod Sun — were ...
“We're prepared to go down with Timothy,” Cleaver told a journalist, “but we don't want to go down for some jive reason.” During Leary's stay in Algeria, triangular tensions simmered between the Panthers' less hedonistic agenda, the LSD crowd's inclusive hippie ideals (Abbie Hoffman's wife, Anita, “didn't ...

If you only read a single novel this month, make it Jesmyn Ward's utterly brilliant Sing, Unburied, Sing - a 21st-Century odyssey through the state of Mississippi with an African-American mother and her son as its protagonists. Vogue caught up with the National Book Award-winner about everything from the ...
Joan Tisch, a hands-on philanthropist whose causes ranged from people with AIDS to the Museum of Modern Art and the 92nd Street Y, and who was the matriarch of the family that owns a 50 percent stake in the New York football Giants, died on Thursday at her home in Manhattan. She was 90. Her death ...
The Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006) wrote all sorts of things during her long career: novels, polemics, war dispatches, truth-dealing celebrity profiles. But her Christiane Amanpour meets .... She smoked nearly three packs of cigarettes a day and had bad teeth. She opened her mail months late if ...
The absence of the late beloved photographer Bill Cunningham is having an unusual influence over the city's loftier big-ticket social events. We hear that since the legendary lensman's passing last year, certain types of limelight-loving hangers-on have cleared out of the charity benefit-and-gala circuit.

The Sun Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham signs a copy of his book "On Bended Knees" Saturday at Silent Brigade Distillery in ... Which is more satisfying, writing a legal opinion for the state's high court or a book, say "On Bended Knees: The True Story of the Night Rider Tobacco War," that ...
Former Salomon Brothers' chief executive officer John Gutfreund, 86, was a symbol of the driven, cigar-smoking swagger of profane Eighties' Wall ... In 2008, he told author Michael Lewis what he thought caused the 1987 economic collapse: “Greed on both sides — greed of investors and the greed of the ...
Late fashion photographer Bill Cunningham has left his most valuable possession — his back catalog of photos and negatives — to his niece Patricia Simonson. The famed fotog, who kept the rights to all his photos published over the years in the New York Times, detailed in a 2010 will that $500,000 ...
Last Sunday, for the first time in nearly 40 years, the Sunday edition of the New York Times did not include photographs taken by the legendary street and society photographer Bill Cunningham. The Times put out a statement saying that he had suffered a stroke. A few days later, Cunningham was dead at ...
That's why I think of him more as a journalist working in fashion, taking notes with a camera, than a fashion photographer. Bill was, more accurately, one of the great photo-journalists, though his beat wasn't war, but the quotidian if glamorous camouflage worn on the streets of New York, London, Paris and ...
On Sounds Good, Tracy Ross speaks with author Bobbie Smith Bryant about the event, the dark-fired tobacco curing process, her love of Western ... Justice Bill Cunningham makes a few remarks around 3 pm and the new book featuring Smith farms and four other farms in the county, Farming in the Black ...


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