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 Kitty Kelley

Kitty Kelley

(born April 4, 1942) is an American author, journalist and biographer famous for her tabloid-esque approach to biography writing, and her books often contain many embarrassing and sordid anecdotes about the people she profiles. Kelley will name some sources, conceals other if she feels it necessary, passes on some rumors and scotches some others. Like most muckrakers Kelley's truthfulness has been called into question. She has had the tables turned on her by George Carpozi, Jr. with his 1997 book Poison Pen -- but it likely didn't have the effect expected Her most famous biographies were of Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, and the British Royal Family. One on the Bush family is due in 2004, after Labor Day. Less famous are her books on Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Kitty Kelly

Kitty Kelly

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The California Legislature has proposed banning the sale of books written by ex-gay people and Christians who seek to help others who want to restrain or control their sexuality. Bill AB 2943 would ban the sale of goods and services that encourage one to change his or her sexual orientation or gender ...
Georgetowner and controversial biographer Kitty Kelley described how Barbara Bush had her books removed from the First Ladies gallery at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History by leaning on a managerial-level bureaucrat. “I guess Barbara Bush showed how political muscle is flexed ...

Take, for example, Kitty Kelley's biography of Frank Sinatra, which revealed his serial philandering and connections to organised crime – his friends, estate and the entertainment industry all rallied against the book. There is also a risk, however, that the author is simply settling an agenda, and the text is ...
Royal stories are never dignified with princely rebuttals but such anecdotes do make you query everything else. If Kitty Kelley is a scalpel, Bower is a blunt instrument. He is so parti pris and uninterested in nuance or complexity that he announces: “On 1 May 1997, 'spin' won New Labour's landslide victory”.
NOTABLE PEOPLE born on this day include magician DAVID BLAINE, who was born in Brooklyn in 1973; actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR., who was born in 1965; author KITTY KELLEY, who was born in 1942; Emmy and Oscar Award-winning actress CHRISTINE LAHTI, who was born in 1950; singer AUSTIN ...
OLAF FUB SEZ: According to author of unauthorized biographies Kitty Kelley, born Catherine Kelley on this date in 1942, “Presidents often disappoint, but first ladies rarely do.” . . . TECH SAVVY – Only five participants will be accepted for the ten-week Beginner's Computer Class which starts at 11 a.m. ...

Author Kitty Kelley is 76. Actor Craig T. Nelson is 74. Actor Walter Charles is 73. Actress Christine Lahti is 68. Country singer Steve Gatlin (The Gatlin Brothers) is 67. Actress Mary-Margaret Humes is 64. Writer-producer David E. Kelley is 62. Actress Constance Shulman is 60. Actor Phil Morris is 59. Actress ...
Today is Wednesday, April 4, the 94th day of 2018. There are 271 days left in the year. Birthdays: Former senator Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana, is 86. Recording executive Clive Davis is 86. Author Kitty Kelley is 76. Actor Craig T. Nelson is 74. Actress Christine Lahti is 68. Country singer Steve ...
Author Kitty Kelley is 76. Actor Craig T. Nelson is 74. Actor Walter Charles is 73. Actress Christine Lahti is 68. Country singer Steve Gatlin (The Gatlin Brothers) is 67. Actress Mary-Margaret Humes is 64. Writer-producer David E. Kelley is 62. Actress Constance Shulman is 60. Actor Phil Morris is 59. Actress ...
The only thing missing from this account of the iconic photographer's life is the photos themselves. If you're into pop culture, you'll inhale “Avedon: Something Personal” by Norma Stevens and Steven M.L. Aronson, which drops more names in 700 pages than a prison roll call. If you recognize Kate and ...
While she might have been the original celebrity influencer, Kitty Kelley, who wrote the 2010 biography Oprah: A Biography, is skeptical Oprah still has the same impact these days. “I don't think Oprah has the same reach without her talk show because her platform then was able to better saturate the ...
The sisters' half brother, Jamie Auchincloss, who became persona non grata after he spoke to the author Kitty Kelley about Jackie circa 1977, provides a running commentary that portrays a society whose tastefully presented aim is to keep its chalice of wealth and privilege filled to the brim. “Money is power ...
But it isn't a Kitty Kelley “tell-all,” where nothing salacious is overlooked. She writes big sagas, all of which may be true (according to a certain standard). What may be missing, however, is a reliable tale, one with contour and perspective. Wolff is able to tell a complete story; that is the reason “Fire and Fury” ...
For those who came in late you may have missed one Kitty Kelley. She had earned her reputation writing gossip books about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra. In 1991, two years after the Reagans had departed the White House, she penned Nancy Reagan: The ...
Written by Kitty Kelley for Washington Independent Review of Books and reprinted with permission from the author. The British excel as diarists, the most famous being Samuel Pepys, followed by James Boswell (the biographer of Dr. Johnson), and Virginia Woolf, the beacon of the Bloomsbury Group.
No doubt there will be countless articles written about her passing, but I decided to focus on Smith's relationship with a woman I'm fascinated with: the famed gossip queen and celebrity biography wordsmith Kitty Kelley. The friendship and feud between the two women hearken back to the days of Hopper ...
The Kitty Kelley Files: George Clooney, a REELZ Channel series, features best-selling gossip author, Kitty Kelley, as she opens up her files on the real George. From his love life and failed marriage to Talia Shire to his rise as America's favorite leading man, The Kitty Kelley Files on REELZ has the ...

Reelz's newest episode, The Kitty Kelley Files: Julia Robert, tells all on the horrifying health scare that almost shattered the award-winning actress' booming career. “She just showed that she would go to any lengths to get that part,” New York Daily News reporter George Rush says of Roberts in the clip.
Within weeks, the two were living together,” says Kelley in Reelz' latest The Kitty Kelley Files: Julia Roberts clip. “They embarked on a relationship that lasted for quite sometime,” says The Hollywood Gossip reporter Tyler Johnson when talking of the famous pair that dated from 1988 to 1990. “Liam Neeson ...
They brought out 'the worst in each other' says host Kitty Kelley in new clip. OK! Magazine participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which ... The Kitty Kelley Files: Frank Sinatra airs Saturday, August 5 at 10 ET/PT. We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at ...
Iconic Fly Me To The Moon singer Frank Sinatra led a glitzy playboy life once his immense talent was picked up by Hollywood, Host and Bestselling Author Kitty Kelley reveals in her latest episode of The Kitty Kelley Files. “This young singer that was having young girls line up around the block was soon ...
According to REELZ, “In the new series The Kitty Kelley Files will unearth the true tales of some of America's most beloved celebrities including Julia Roberts, Princess Diana, George Clooney, Drew Barrymore and Frank Sinatra and tell their stories through the lens of the sensational events that they either ...
The Kitty Kelley Files is a brand new series from REELZ that features celebrity biographer Kitty Kelley profiling the powerful and the famous. Kelley has made a name for herself by writing candid biographies of huge stars like Frank Sinatra, making a point of scratching way beneath the surface and getting to ...
Founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), Marian Wright Edelman was Kitty Kelley's very special guest Monday evening. Ushering close friends into her elegant Georgetown home and garden (recently featured on the Georgetown Garden Tour), Kelley introduced the lifelong advocate ...
Last Wednesday Kitty Kelley, Washington's queen of the scandalous biography, threw a party to celebrate the re-publication of her controversial best-seller His Way, about Frank Sinatra, a few days shy of what would have been Ol' Blue Eyes's 100th birthday. The event was also a fundraiser for Reading is ...
According to American biographer Kitty Kelley, "Gan Gan" was first adopted by Prince Charles to refer to his great-grandmother Queen Mary, the mother of Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI. Prince William and Prince Harry also called their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, ...


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