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updated Fri. March 1, 2024

As of March 22, the Cleveland Law Department was sitting on 1,856 unfulfilled public records requests that date to 2015 and 2016, along with more than 1,000 left over from last year, according to information the city provided to reporter Robert Higgs. Those numbers don't include requests ...
Once accumulated, that power becomes a normal part of life, and isn't easily given up, as the great economic historian Robert Higgs shows in his classic work Crisis and Leviathan. Anyone who has gone through airport security over the last 17 years understands this, as the fear of terror attacks after 9/11 ...

By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - The challenges and ramifications of sentencing policies in the criminal justice system will be the focus of two expert panels at a symposium Tuesday. "Anatomy of Justice - A Symposium on Criminal Justice," will address several ...
By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - More than two years ago, Jon Kozesky filed a public records request to learn the name of a Cleveland police officer who issued him a traffic ticket. As part of his request, Kozesky included the officer's badge number, the time of ...
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Work to raze two abandoned industrial buildings on the West Side began Tuesday, a part of an effort to improve safety for school children and remove neighborhood eyesores. The work, part of Mayor Frank Jackson's Safe Routes to Schools program, seeks to remove abandoned ...
By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - Growth in passenger traffic through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has some travelers and City Council members asking whether the airport will need to re-open the mothballed Concourse D. Airport Director Robert ...

By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - City Council approved tax incentives Monday for a proposed $50 million development of housing and retail space along Detroit Avenue. The incentives would allow real estate taxes that would be paid to the city to instead be ...
Robert Higgs, for instance, has developed a large body of work showing that national crises often leave governments with greater powers to tax and spend than they had possessed before the crises. Other Independent fellows have focused on the incentives and constraints that contribute to increases in the national debt or ...
medworks-kevin-conwell.jpg Free screening kits for cervical and colon cancer are available through Saturday at the Langston Hughes Public Library on Superior Avenue. The screenings are a collaboration between Medworks and Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Medworks, a ...
By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - City Council voted Monday to target nearly $1.3 million this year on projects to help elderly Clevelanders -- many of whom are impoverished -- keep their homes in good repair and maintain the city's housing stock. The money ...

By Robert Higgs, · CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the "most improved" airport in North America, according to the 2017 Airport Service Quality Survey. The city-owned airport "posted its best customer service scores last year since the ...
In a sworn statement, a public records administrator who has worked for the city nearly two decades said that information on how long it typically takes the City to respond to public records requests, the law department's involvement with the requests and the manner in which the city processes requests was ...
Crystal Jones, a worker at Cleveland's garbage transfer station, has accused the city in a lawsuit of muzzling her free-speech rights by forbidding her from talking publicly about animal attacks and other hazards and harassment on the job. This picture of a raccoon was included in her court filing. Jones says ...
Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams answers questions Wednesday from City Council during a budget hearing. Members of council expressed support for the police when Williams and Public Safety Director Michael McGrath appeared, but they also voiced frustration that the hiring of new officers to ...
All wars begin to protect insiders from outside threats and end up targeting the very insiders they are seeking to protect. Indeed, as libertarian scholar Big Brother John Lund Blend via NewscomRobert Higgs has documented, every major war involving America abroad has led to the death and destruction of ...
Mayor Frank Jackson addresses Cleveland City Council on Tuesday at the opening of the 2018 budget hearings. Jackson told council he looks to 2018 as a year to enhance services, fill vacancies and strive to extend the benefits of the city's economic recovery to all city residents. ( Robert Higgs ...
By Robert Higgs, · · university-of-akron-president-matthew-wilson.jpg Matthew Wilson University of Akron. AKRON, Ohio - Matthew Wilson, the popular president of the University of Akron, was announced as one of eight semi-finalists for the open presidency at the ...
An ordinance before council on Monday approves hiring a management and investigatory company that will evaluate the nearly 380 complaints in the backlog. The company's report will be used to find a consultant that can investigate all the complaints fully and recommend appropriate action. ( Chuck ...
City Council approved a 2018 budget for Cleveland that calls for about $1.7 billion in spending that Mayor Frank Jackson has said will enhance services, fill vacant jobs and extend the benefits for the city's economic recovery to all city residents. Here Jackson lays out his proposals during budget hearings in ...
Some of the most interesting - and important - Republican races to watch on primary election night are for the Ohio House of Representatives.( Robert Higgs, ). Comment. 0 shares. By Jeremy Pelzer, · COLUMBUS, Ohio--While most Ohio political ...


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