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updated Mon. February 19, 2024

Pilita Clark, formerly of the Sydney Morning Herald and currently with The Financial Times, was named environment journalist of the year, and The Sunday ... Clark has won the award three times, putting her ahead of fellow Australians Phillip Knightley, Clive James and Peter Harvey, but still some distance ...

The journalist continues with his breathless account. ... Phillip Knightley, the author of The First Casualty, a renowned book about war correspondents, says: “A Belgian commission of enquiry in 1922, when passions had cooled, failed markedly to corroborate a single major allegation in the Bryce Report.
The legendary British newspaper editor sees the antics of Tokyo's famous white-gloved Oshiya, or "pushers", as symbolic of one of the worst sins a writer can commit — trying to cram too much into one sentence. "The digital age has made communication so much easier. But it's led to a great deal of ...
And as I later wrote in a 2005 publication, “Crossing Borders, Opening Doors,” about the ICIJ's earliest days, “The journalist there whose global experience had the most compelling resonance for me was Phillip Knightley, the international renowned, London-based author and reporter who eloquently and ...
... penetrated the British secret service so effectively that in 1944 he became director of its counter-Soviet arm, a feat of duplicity unequalled in the annals of espionage. As the liaison man between the British service and the American CIA, he was able to betray every important secret of Western intelligence.
See Phil Knightley on the grass courts of the Queen's Club in London and you'd hate or admire the cool way he dispatched opponents, depending which side of the net you were on. No whooping and hollering on serving a couple of aces, no grunting on running back for a lob. In tennis, as in journalism, ...
The Philby exclusive led to him becoming only the second writer to win the BPA journalist of the year award twice. Knightley's memoirs, A Hack's Progress, were notably self-deprecating as he recalled his misadventures in the trade. In 1967 he wrote a story, based on a UN steer, that the Arab-Israeli Six Day ...
The journalist Phillip Knightley consistently kept him happy, and the paper's lawyers busy, with some of the most powerful investigative journalism of his ... and in KGB records that became available during Glasnost he discovered that Stalin had thought that Philby was a British intelligence double agent; ...
Phillip Knightley, who has died aged 87, was one of the most accomplished reporters of his generation: his craftsmanship underpinned some of the ... But until he was in his 30s he never felt entirely confident of his prospects as a journalist: he tried selling vacuum cleaners to Australian housewives and ...
The British Joint Intelligence Committee sends the Bank of England a weekly assessment of the world economic and trading situation. ... He described the journalist Chapman Pincher in words that fit much of the profession today. ... Phillip Knightley wrote a history of spies—The Second Oldest Profession.


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