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updated Fri. May 17, 2024

The '90s were also the heyday of Prozac, which may have left people open to easy feel-good solutions. As Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of media studies at Johns Hopkins University, conjectured, “what people seem to want from the infomercial is an experience that is wholly and brainlessly affirmative.
But I aso heard words coming from faculty leader, Mark Crispin Miller. "No one should be made rich by running a University and no one should be made poor by attending one." Education is the bed rock of a Democratic society. It Is being threatened in an evil way. Nigrin: Do you see the corporatization of ...

The company generally routes requests from governments through a separate channel and takes the content down if it violates community standards. If it violates local law, it will be unavailable only in the relevant country. “They're too cozy with power,” said Mark Crispin Miller, a media and culture professor ...
Now reintroduced to the public in an eBook format by Forbidden Bookshelf, a series of publications aimed at bringing attention to groundbreaking yet underrated and vanished books (edited by Mark Crispin Miller) it contains an introduction by scholar Adi Ophir and a postscript added by Menuhin in 1969.
WARRENVILLE – President Donald Trump warned of a rigged election in 2016, so the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project will address the issues at the Election Integrity Conference 2017 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 16. at IBEW Local 701 Union Hall, 28600 Bella Vista Parkway, Warrenville, the organization ...

“This tit-for-tat will mean eventual catastrophe for everyone on earth, unless we finally get some sanity in US leadership, to pull back from the brink,” Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University, told RT. “Judging from the warlike posture of both parties and the US media, it's hard to ...
A protestor holds a sign claiming the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. were an inside job near the White House in September 2007. Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images. If there's one phrase that really bothers NYU Professor of Media Studies Mark Crispin Miller, it's “conspiracy theory.” The outspoken voice of public ...

A new advertisement put out by the National Rifle Association — which calls on conservatives to fight the left with a “clenched fist of truth” — has the Women's March demanding an apology, activists calling it an “open call to violence” and a propaganda expert labeling the video “sinister.” The video, which ...
The website listed NYU Professors Frank Roberts, Arthur Caplan, and Mark Crispin Miller. We spoke to a junior who took three of Mark Crispin Miller's classes who didn't find it at all surprising for Miller to be listed on the site. “He's the most liberal person I've ever met but he changed what I am interested in,” ...
This week Eric sits down with author and academic Mark Crispin Miller to discuss the controlled corporate media and its grip on discourse in the United States, conspiracy theories versus conspiracy facts, US elections as both farce and illusion, and much more. Eric and Mark begin with a discussion of the ...
Founded by Mark Crispin Miller, a media studies professor at New York University, the book series aims to finally give long-awaited life to these censored works. Covering some of the most controversial issues in recent history—from organized crime in professional football to America's use of The Phoenix ...
Mark Crispin Miller is a Professor of Culture and Communication at New York University, and the author of many books and articles, including The Bush Dyslexicon, Cruel and Unusual and Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One, Too (Unless We Stop Them). He is also ...


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