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updated Mon. February 26, 2024

Donald Trump's past advice to negotiators is a cause for concern as he prepares for a possible summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Photograph by Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty. For years, a story circulated in Washington about Donald Trump's attempt to nab a job leading nuclear ...
To blur the boundaries even more, Miles litters the novel with references to passages from real-world books, Pew statistics, Gallup polls about religiosity in Mississippi, and a quote from a George Packer piece in The New Yorker describing the summer of 2014 as “an anxious and depressing muddle.

In downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday, more than a thousand students congregated as part of a nationwide protest to honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting. Photograph by Annie Tritt / NYT / Redux. On a snowy day in mid-January, Sarah DeSouza was sitting in class at the Packer Collegiate ...
Kim Jong Un has everything to gain from the stature that comes from a summit with the world's leading superpower. Photograph by STR / AFP / Getty. In a breathtaking gambit that surprised his closest advisers, President Trump, almost impulsively, accepted an invitation on Thursday to meet the North ...
A memorial now sits along the fence in front of the school: seventeen wooden crosses, with flowers, stuffed animals, banners, candles, and signs around them. Photograph by Joe Raedle / Getty. Sarah Lerner, who's thirty-seven, teaches Senior English and Introduction to Journalism at Marjory Stoneman ...

In George Packer's The Unwinding (2014), no place earns a less flattering portrayal than Florida — Tampa, to be more specific. The Gulf Coast city earns its own chapter titles to go along with other representative types demonstrating the breakdown of structures that had formerly propped up the American ...
Amazon is “something radically new in the history of American business,” New Yorker writer George Packer has observed. But it's not without antecedents. In the 19th century, men like Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller harnessed a disruptive new technology—the railroad—and used the control ...

Journalist George Packer laments the erosion of “middle-class democracy” (“Identity, Politics and Distrust,” 1/18). The fairness and balance we've lost since the New Deal is heartbreaking. He suggests expanding civics education, which could help. However, we can't wait for today's young people to take ...
In The Fight Is for Democracy (2003), George Packer argued that a 'vibrant, hardheaded liberalism' could use the American military to promote its values. The subtitle of The Good Fight (2006) by Peter Beinart, the then editor of the New Republic, insisted 'Why Liberals – and Only Liberals – Can Win the ...
When George Packer started researching for his new book, the economy had collapsed and President Barack Obama was newly elected. Packer thought he would write about Obama as the next Franklin Roosevelt, turning the country in a new direction after a period of reaction. He soon discovered a very ...
“American Identity in the Age of Trump” is the topic in Oregon Humanities Center's next lecture in their “We the People” series. It will be given by journalist, novelist and playwright George Packer, whose latest book is The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America--a New York Times Bestseller and ...
In 2012, journalist George Packer published The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America, in which he documents the stories of Americans in various U.S. regions over the last three decades and the results of changes in culture, politics and economics. Packer describes modern American identity as ...
The Oregon Humanities Center will continue its exploration of the theme “We the People” this winter with American journalist George Packer. Packer will present lectures on the topic of “American Identity in the Age of Trump” at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 24 in Room 182, Lillis Hall at the UO and at 7:30 p.m. Jan.
There's a lot to admire in Ta-Nehisi Coates's new essay. It's one of those pieces that grabs you with its first paragraph and never lets go. The argument keeps gathering force, building on the striking imagery (“Trump cracked the glowing amulet open”) and the caustic scouring of the polemics (opioids are ...
... George Packer, staff writer for same; Bill Keller, former editor and columnist of the New York Times; Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist; Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor for The Washington Post; Jacob Weisberg, former Slate editor-in-chief and current Slate Group editor-in-chief; and Ezra Klein, ...


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