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updated Mon. December 25, 2023

It was the fall of 2004, and I was touring a film set at the studio that was adapting my war memoir, “Jarhead.” The screenwriter walked me onto a soundstage that was supposed to look like my Marine Corps boot-camp barracks. It was small and inconsequential compared with the mighty buildings and squad ...
Jake Gyllenhaal speelt de intellectueel Anthony Swofford, die ondanks zijn cynische houding heeft getekend bij het Amerikaanse korps mariniers. Het merendeel van zijn lichting valt af bij de training, maar Swofford redt het en wordt, nadat Irak Koeweit is binnengevallen, als scherpschutter uitgezonden ...

Anthony Swofford is a Gulf War veteran, critically acclaimed author, and self-proclaimed Democrat. During his presentation on March 7, Swofford spoke about all of these topics to an audience of attentive Pacific students and faculty in the Grace Covell Banquet Hall. Swofford began by describing how his ...
A good film can do amazing things for a viewer. It can you give an authentic glimpse into a real-life situation. It can stir up emotions and force you to sit with them. Yes, there is a reason that it's called, “movie magic.” Of course, we know that not everything can be good. There are far more bad films than there ...
I've met serious writers like George Saunders (2017 Man Booker Prize-winner), Matthew Zapruder, Anthony Swofford, Deborah Treisman (Fiction Editor, The New Yorker), and it made me more experienced. I realised writing is not just a gift, it's a skill you have to develop. I had to get up and write,” he says.

Note: "NRA" in this context refers to its directors, not to its individual members. Arming teachers, as a matter of policy is a horrendous idea. The vast majority of teachers and school administrators are against it. Some have threatened to quit. Debra Ciamacca and Anthony Swofford have one thing in common, ...
Since April of 1999 (Columbine High School, Colorado) through February of 2018 (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida), across our country there have been 24 reported incidents of schoolchildren being slaughtered, the result of violence and armed weapons. The number of dead children are ...

In 2005's Jarhead, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Anthony Swofford, who is from the Sacramento area, but the film is mostly set on the other side of the planet, where it explores the psychological costs of the Gulf War. After a few other forgettable rom-coms, the Sacramento filmography is populated with silent films ...
Before the United States Marine Corps allowed me to carry a live M-16 assault rifle, I went through hundreds of hours of firearms training. Classroom sessions devoted to nomenclature, maintenance and basic operation accounted for more than two weeks of study before I even set eyes on ammunition.
Director Sam Mendes' 2005 Gulf War drama, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal as real-life Marine Anthony Swofford, may have seemed like an unlikely franchise-starter, but it's gone on to inspire two sequels, neither of which has much in common with the first movie beyond the title. This time around, the film ...
If you've ever deployed to the Middle East, then you've probably experienced a few explosions here and there, heard a firefight once or twice, and smelled some pretty nasty sh*t burning nearby. Well, that burning sh*t is either the bad guys torching tires as a signal to warn others that allied forces are in the area, or it's the ...
As I do this, I remember what Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead, wrote about this very process: it was "calming", and "meditative". But he was a soldier at war, bored and terrified. I'm a civilian. I have no army to fight. No oppressor to rise up against. The most dangerous thing I'll be doing all day is try to ...
One of the few war flicks that focuses more on the wait for action than combat itself, the film is based on the memoir by Anthony Swofford a Gulf War veteran and former Marine scout sniper. The film follows Swofford, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, as he sets out on a coming of age odyssey that takes him from ...
Halfway through this intense but ungainly memoir Anthony Swofford describes being enraged at his father and taking his fury out in his driving, as he guns his BMW M3 down an upstate New York highway, ripping through its gears, “an angry man in a sick-fast car,” doing twice the 45 m.p.h. speed limit.
One Marine, Anthony Swofford, wrote this in the New York Times: “President Trump suggested that if a football coach at the [Douglas] high school, Aaron Feis, had been armed, he would have saved even more lives than he did, perhaps even his own, because rather than simply shielding students from ...


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