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updated Sun. February 25, 2024

GraphQL, developed by Facebook and released as an open standard for all to use, provides a way to create and consume web-based APIs that is designed to be an alternative to REST APIs. With GraphQL, queries and returned data use formal schemas and a type system to guarantee consistency. In this ...

The event features a panel focused on making web accessibility a priority across organizations, and building websites that are inclusive for everyone. According to organizer and ISL Web Developer Julie Bacon, developers from Threespot, DCFemTech, Nava, Acquia and ISL will talk about topics like best ...
So you've decided on a new career in web development, but you're unsure where's the best place to start. You could enroll yourself in a computer sciences course at a local college, but that means putting your life on hold to go back to school, and who has the time or money for that? The fact is if you want to ...
When PHP debuted in the mid-1990s, many devotees called it the best web programming language around, because it revolutionized how you could develop internet software. PHP made it practical for the first time to build dynamic websites and so transformed the web from a collection of mostly static ...
3+ years of web development experience; Comfortable building in Vue, React, or other front end Javascript frameworks; Proven success navigating high-level front end Javascript problems and integrations; Relevant history managing Wordpress and related libraries; Mastery of integrating with third party JSON and XML ...
So as long as you stick to the world of JavaScript, it's almost as powerful as a traditional desktop-based web development setup. .... of a web browser, isn't really possible — but I have the joy of knowing I'm not mucking up my Mac with all the various weird command line software I install from the internet.
Keith B. Alexander, first commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and former chief of the National Security Agency, speaks during the 2015 China Internet Security Conference in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 29, 2015. A total of 120 experts from China, U.S., Israel, Australia, South Korea, etc. took part in the ...



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