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updated Sun. July 7, 2024

However, Falder was part of a dark web ring and online community encouraging physical and emotional torture of children and teens. He also forced his victims to drink their own urine and eat their own feces and dog food. He would then record those activities and take snapshots of it and upload it to the ...
The Vietnam Mutual Assistance Association of Central Pennsylvania held a party on the night of Feb. 10 to celebrate the Year of the Dog. Advertisement. During the event, they paid respect to Vietnamese ancestors and had a dragon performance. Organizers say Lunar New Year has deep significance to ...

(1) Webring by Anthony Antonellis, (2) Dragon by Clara Bacou, (3) GeoTotem by Paul McMahon. Images via Snapchat. Last month, the company launched the Lens Studio, free software for PCs and Macs that enables developers to build their own AR experiences for Snapchat. The release came within ...
A Snapchat video published to Twitter featuring a racist rant by an Elk Grove student has now been viewed more than 4 million times in four days. Advertisement. In the video, a girl, who is seated next to another, says black people need to die. Elk Grove Unified School District released a statement ...
A Snapchat video of an Elk Grove student's racist rant against black people is going viral on Twitter, getting 4 million views within four days. In the video, a girl, who is seated next to another, says black people need to die. Advertisement. "Black people are trash. They need to die," she says with a smile in the ...

I looked at disturbing fan art, perused rare disease photos, and wandered among underground web rings stuffed with video clips so gruesome that I thought they were fake. My parents let me do all these things without much supervision, which I think now must have been, to some extent, intentional.
Mounties in Kelowna say they've uncovered a sophisticated drug-trafficking ring that depended on the dark web and Bitcoin to sell fentanyl and carfentanil around the world. Two residents of the Okanagan city — a 35-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman — have both been arrested after a year-long ...

A Houston-area judge has a message for parents that is resonating with people across his jurisdiction and beyond: Three steps to guarantee your child will go to jail. Advertisement. Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack posted the video after several long days of probable cause ...
On Sunday night's episode of Twin Peaks, David Lynch took viewers deeper into the mysteries of the death of Major Garland Briggs and the murder of South Dakota librarian Ruth Davenport. He also took attentive viewers deeper into the mysteries of 1997-era web design. The subject arises in a crucial ...
Annular solar eclipse A montage of images shows the progression of an annular solar eclipse in May 2012, as seen from Red Bluff, Calif. (Brocken Inaglory Photo via Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0). Skywatchers in South America and Africa will be seeing an unusual “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse on Sunday, and ...
A 22-year-old Melbourne man is facing 88 child pornography charges, including "encouraging" and advising on the abduction, rape and killing of a 5-year-old girl in Russia. Matthew David Graham, who lived in South Morang with his parents when he was arrested in a joint Victoria police/FBI sting last year, ...
Genius Idea: If you're old enough to remember Webrings, strap on your toupee and get ready for a blast from the past. The Bus Ride acts as a kind of Webring 2.0, letting users create and navigate "routes," collections of up to eight related links. When a user "rides the bus," he is guided through each site on ...
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