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updated Sat. February 10, 2024

Q. Out of the blue, a message came up on my computer saying, “Internet Security Alert: Your Computer May Be Infected By Harmful Viruses.” It goes on to say that I should not shut down my computer and instructs me to call Windows Technical Support. I presume this is a scam. Am I correct?

Cryptojacking, the unauthorized use of computing resources for mining of cryptocurrencies, has caused massive disruption, with websites of high profile institutions like police forces, and servers of huge organizations being targeted. A report released on March 28, 2018, by Symantec indicates increased ...
This is another great feature BullGuard Internet Security has under its sleeves. When fired up manually, ... Buy BullGuard Internet Security. The standard cost of BullGuard Internet Security is $59.95 for one year and can be used on three devices including Macbook, Windows 10, and Android Phone.
Trend Micro Internet Security has a straightforward interface. It's divided into four pages, dealing with protection for your device, privacy, data and family respectively – and there's something useful on every one. Under Device, for example, you'll find general antivirus settings, plus a toggle for “Mute Mode”, ...
Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols are responsible for keeping most of the internet secure by encrypting communications between client and server applications. This includes all sorts of communications, for example, the one between a web browser and an HTTPS-enabled website, such as Neowin, ...
Otherwise, the only part of Kaspersky Internet Security that undershoots expectations is the Rescue Disk link. While other packages seek to make it as painless as possible to get into their respective recovery environments, Kaspersky merely directs you to an ISO file and leaves you to it. Technical users will ...
A decade after the last SSL/TLS web encryption standard was released, the IETF has finally settled on the 28th draft of the TLS 1.3 standard to be the next major protocol for internet security. TLS 1.3. After years of development and 28 drafts, the Internet Engineering Task Force has approved Transport ...
Internet security firm Symantec has published their 23rd Internet Security Threat Report. The document identifies an increase in the incidents of cyber crime that involve cryptocurrency in some way. The most prominent examples are cryptojacking and ransomware attacks.
While sharing digital devices is very much part of building a modern relationship, Kaspersky Lab warns that with sharing should come a joint responsibility for Internet security. When questioned, half of the people (57%) in a relationship said they think they are savvier than their partners when it comes to ...



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