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updated Wed. May 29, 2024

On Wednesday morning at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Epic Games unveiled a remarkable demonstration of its latest real-time digital rendering system called Unreal Engine. The demonstration showed a completely digital copy of actor Andy Serkis reciting lines from Macbeth illustrating the ...

Using Liquid Entropy is easy: you just load it up in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and trace the cursor through the CGI goo, which looks a lot like Terminator 2's T-1000 in liquid form. The ripples create rising metallic tones that sound like they're stretching out into infinity; controls let you ...
Back in 2016, Epic Games teased the live motion-capture technology first used for Hellblade, which was stunning and showed the potential of the tech. With this new iteration, though, the company says it hopes to take "live-captured digital humans to the next level." Siren is a high-fidelity digital character ...
Justice League's reshoots fell right in the middle of Cavil's shooting schedule for Mission: Impossible — Fallout, and for some reason the solution to him being mustachioed in one film and clean shaven in the other was a CGI reconstruction of the lower half of his face, rather than, you know, shaving.
The final Infinity War trailer presents a terrifying, monumental threat to earth. Armies clash. Dead bodies are strewn about the screen. Music blares. Impressive percussion stirs up emotions. Lightning cracks. And at the center of it all is… Thanos! The terrifying universe-destroyer! Who, unfortunately, looks ...
How much CGI is used in movies these days? More than you might think. While it's not surprising anymore seeing our superheroes standing on green screen sets, more and more movies that aren't based in fantastical worlds are using computer-generated special effects. Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street ...
Seated in an animated command and control room in Riyadh, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia directs an invasion of Iran. In scene after he scene, he orders a succession of superior weapons systems to pulverize the enemy. Finally, his forces corner the trembling figure of Qassem Suleimani, the revered ...



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