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updated Mon. April 1, 2024

lisa james paul williams instagram mystery 4 "Who are you and what do you want with people named Paul Williams?" lisajames419419/Instagram. People online are bewildered by an Instagram account that, up until very recently, only followed men named "Paul Williams." A 19-year-old student artist named Paul Williams ...
Or the mysterious internet famous dog named Captain Ron with a very tear-worthy backstory? These are the stories that stick with people because so many of us can relate to them. When you hear about Chrissy Teigen's dog dying, those of us who have had dogs immediately slip back into that familiar ...

That's an ancillary finding of the 2018 Internet mystery-shopping study by consultancy Pied Piper Management Co. Overall, it annually measures how dealerships by brand respond to customer inquiries received through dealer websites. Mercedes-Benz leads the pack this year, with Porsche, Lexus, Acura ...
Directing loads of Amazon employee web traffic to one article obviously doesn't seal the deal for the new Amazon HQ2 — who knows what other articles and cities employees are checking out. But hey, it's definitely not a bad sign. Plus, who doesn't love solving an internet mystery. Kudos, ARL Now. Kudos.
South Korea yesterday investigated a mysterious internet shutdown during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, which follows warnings of possible cyber attacks during the Pyeongchang Games. Cyber-security experts from South Korea's defence ministry, plus four other ministries, formed part of a ...

People actually collect those CDs that used to show up in the mail, in cereal boxes, and pretty much everywhere. Back when AOL sent out free trials on CDs, we all had quite a collection. The real mystery today lies in whether they carry any real value. Next: This may represent the biggest internet mystery of ...
Unlike other tech industries, struggling ad tech companies rarely die swiftly, even if they're not on the path to growth. Instead, they take a cut of the disappearing ad dollar while pivoting through various business models until they can sell off some of their assets. In this edition of internet mysteries, we ...

“I often tell clients that using click data to determine if something is working or not kills a little bit of my soul every time I have to mention it,” said Kevin VanValkenburgh, svp of connections planning at ad agency The Tombras Group. While the ways to attribute a sale to a given piece of marketing have grown ...
Things can get pretty crazy on the internet, and even the smallest thing can catch people's attention and blow up in an instant. A lot of it is totally bogus or blatant attention seeking, but that's what makes the internet great. Well, that and cat videos. Recently, a story popped up on the internet that is both cool ...
NDA are real,” Haddish said in a Wednesday, March 28 Instagram Live stream via Page Six. “So, I'm not saying s— about nothing.” Haddish kicked off a big internet mystery when she told a story to GQ about an actress who was “doing the mostest” at a December after-party for a Jay-Z concert in California.
Jennifer Garner accidentally became a meme yesterday after a video of her at the Oscars went viral. But this wasn't like Nicole Kidman's clapping at last year's Oscars, which was harmless (if not a little strange): People became genuinely concerned for Garner after seeing the moment. Things started off ...


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