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updated Fri. November 17, 2023

German relocation platform Movinga has acquired a significant share of its main competitor Move24; which filed for bankruptcy last month. reported on the anticipated acquisition yesterday (in German). The Rocket Internet-backed startup, will assume trademark rights, internet domains ...

Giovaniello said internet domains like GoDaddy are limited, not transportable and not expandable. “It's all about getting presence in the market,” Giovaniello said before Wednesday's first Redding City Club meeting at Final Draft Brewing. “The reality is Amazon is a great thing for a lot of companies but ...
Clicking a link took the victim to a fake internet domain that resembled their own university's website and asked them to log in. With the harvested credentials, documents and other resources were easy pickings. “College professors are like shooting fish in a barrel,” says Max Kilger, a social psychologist at ...
Internet domain name registrar GoDaddy has signed a multiyear deal with Amazon Web Services to migrate most of its computing infrastructure on to AWS, the two companies plan to announce Wednesday. It will take a while for GoDaddy to migrate its computing infrastructure onto the servers of the public ...
Check out RicksFarm.Farm. Actually, don't! It's a dead end, but someone does own that domain. It just doesn't go to a website. My apologies to the real, though, if you accidentally typed that in. Old habits are hard to break. That one is not mine either, but I couldn't avoid the temptation to ...
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued its 7th Announcement of 2018 regarding the adjusted China Internet Domain Name on the 2 March 2018. Under the Announcement, domain names at each level may be composed of letters (A-Z, a-z, capital letters and small letters have the ...
Tech companies are pushing back on plans by the organization that oversees internet domain names to strengthen privacy standards. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is considering limiting access to the information it collects when someone registers a website.
CALIFORNIA – Charles Manson, whose cult-like slayings horrified the world in 1969, finally met his maker in November of last year, and even in his death, continues to garner a slew of headlines, as multiple purported family members and followers currently battle over rights to his remaining wares, even ...
However, certain links in the phishing emails actually led to an internet domain under the hacker's control, the Department of Justice said. Once clicked, the malicious internet domains would display a website pretending to be the login page for the professor's university. The aim was to trick victims into ...



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