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updated Thu. May 2, 2024

The benefit of JSON-LD over other types of structured data, such as microformats or RDFa, is that JSON-LD doesn't have to be interspaced within your HTML. The other formats require you to change your HTML, adding elements and attributes to show where each part of the structured data is located on ...

SEO has a different focus if you're in the travel accommodation game: it's all about the Places. Google Places, to be exact. By dominating the SERP real estate for related search terms, taking around 65% or more of all search traffic (depending on the flavour of Places functionality) for top level terms, Google ...
This continues the analysis presented in the MicroData Not Ready For Primetime article previously published. Here, I break down the MicroData hierarchy into three levels so marketing professionals can review each category to see what value it can bring to future marketing, content and SEO initiatives.
With the introduction of the vocabulary, much attention has been focused on the benefits of employing structured data for improved visibility in the search engines. The mostly widely cited and easily verifiable of these benefits is the generation of rich snippets: a specially formatted search result ...
This is possible because those sites' owners have marked up the review information on their pages using a specific, predefined format called a microformat. There's actually a whole variety of elements that can be be tagged in a microformat. Other items that can be tagged in a more semantic manner to ...
The hCard is a one-to-one representation of the vCard in XHTML format. It is served to turn contact information into a semantically correct HTML, Atom, RSS or any arbitrary XML file. I won't try to describe why to use it. Quite a few people have done a great job detailing what hCard microformat is and why ...
Today at Searchology, Google has launched a search results enhancement called “rich snippets” that uses meta data from web pages (from microformats such as hCard, hCalendar, and RDF) to display additional details (both content and meaning) about pages in the results. This initial launch supports ...
Yahoo has supported the microformats movement for quite some time, though it's unclear if they are reading hCard tags when spidering pages. A few speakers at the conference stated that Yahoo “supported” the hCard microformat, but I think how they're supporting the format may have confused people.
The idea of microformats is particularly being explored of late. Previously, XML-Deviant discussed several microformats in the context of Google's good example of utilizing new technologies. But what exactly is a microformat? A primary source for microformat information is Technorati's developer wiki entry, ...


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