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updated Mon. March 18, 2024

"Government already knew that Djoko Tjandra was illegally granted citizenship in Papua New Guinea." Mr Kua said he sought cabinet approval at the time to begin court action to have Tjandra's citizenship revoked but he was frustrated by bureaucratic red tape. "We never got off the ground and that may ...

... including US President Donald Trump, is sitting unclaimed in a Geelong region warehouse because the Papua New Guinea Government can't pay for it. ... abandoned in an undisclosed secure warehouse believed to be in the Geelong region, with a cash-strapped PNG Government unable to pay for it.
“To the Chinese Government thank you very much for your consistent appreciation to APEC and Papua New Guinea. APEC moving forward is growing in leaps and bounds,” said Tkatchenko. The ICC has, among other features, a seating capacity of 700 people, 10 27-seat conference rooms, a temporary ...
On 26 February 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the highlands region of Papua New Guinea, resulting in a Government-declared state of emergency for Hela, Southern Highlands, Western and Enga Provinces. Some 465,000 people are estimated to be affected with 247,000 requiring immediate ...
A former Papua New Guinea government minister has denied that he abused process in granting a fugitive citizenship. A 2012 Ombudsman Commission report about the granting of PNG citizenship for an Indonesian man, Djoko Tjandra, has been tabled in parliament. The report found that Ano Pala, who ...
"Clearly we are looking to the systems that are in use here in Australia, we have been talking to the government of Queensland. "They have a fantastic setup with the tool kit which requires them to take a unified approach, in the event of hailstorms or bushfires, or landslips, or floods, so the reaction to those ...
'We should produce all the food we can to feed ourselves and the future generations.' 'The experiences of other countries point to potential economic growth of Papua New Guinea.' Bakani's view is echoed in the government. National Planning Minister, Richard Maru, told Business Advantage PNG last ...
Almost a month after a deadly earthquake, Papua New Guinea is struggling to get aid to desperate survivors, having allocated just a fraction of its relief funds, while a rent dispute left disaster officials briefly locked out of their offices. The scale of the emergency is testing the finances and capacity of one of ...
Since February 26, 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks struck central Papua New Guinea, which was the largest earthquake since 1922. By March 7, the earthquake has caused at least 122 deaths and over one hundred million yuan losses, and many buildings have been destroyed.


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