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updated Tue. February 13, 2024

Following the devastating 1985 Mexico City earthquake in which left 5,000 people dead and billion of dollars worth of damage, the Mexico City government sponsored the installation of accelerometers around the city in the hope that future earthquake losses could be mitigated. This system, originally ...

The magnitude 6.1 quake hit 43km (27 miles) east of Oaxaca at a depth of 10km at 0656 GMT, the US Geological Survey said. Earlier ... returning to your homes, it is important to check if there are any damages, turn off gas lines and disconnect energy sources," the Mexico City Government said in its Twitter.
The only deaths occurred when a helicopter carrying officials to the scene of the quake crashed in Oaxaca and killed 13 people. The quake ... The Mexico City government also reported the explosion of transformers, gas leaks, fallen cables, seven collapsed poles and two fallen walls. Shortly after the quake ...
The earthquake left more than 100 dead and millions in need of aid in the poor states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. ... Alerts in the capital are broadcast via street sirens, but other places like Oaxaca and Acapulco use radio receivers and television and radio stations to spread SASMEX warnings, which are also ...
The Oaxaca city government admitted this week that its traffic is indeed slow after a study revealed the average speed of vehicles in the city is the slowest in the world. ... The poor design of city bus routes means that 90% of the buses cross the narrow, colonial-era streets of downtown Oaxaca. A second ...
Still, with a ranking of 143rd Oaxaca did better than Mexico City, which was rated the 16th worst city in the world for traffic congestion. The amount of time spent by Mexico City motorists in congested traffic last year was 58 hours, a slight improvement on the 2016 figure of 61.5. The next worst Mexican cities ...
... Oaxaca City, and Acapulco) that have subscribed to receive the alerts, and by municipal loudspeakers in Mexico City. Since 1993, the network has recorded 6,896 earthquakes and issued 158 seismic early warnings. After the September earthquakes, the Mexico City government launched a cell phone ...
With that in mind, Oaxaca city will host the second annual conference of traditional cooks in April this year, when more than 100 cooks from the state's eight regions will showcase Oaxaca's cultural diversity. Event spokeswoman Adriana Aguilar Escobar said most of Oaxaca's traditional cooks carry on their ...
Located in the Sierra Norte region about 100 kilometers from Oaxaca city, the two municipalities have been warring for many years over the ownership of a forest located on the boundary between the two. Yesterday, residents of San Pedro entered the forest in the vicinity of a village known as La Calavera ...
The system expanded to Oaxaca in 1999, and then expanded again in 2005 under the name Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX). ... The early one is only emitted to certain devices, distributed by the city government to schools and public buildings if the earthquake is lower than 6 on the Richter scale.


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