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updated Tue. November 15, 2022

The report, which has compiled different aspects of human rights situation in Nepal, says that mothers faced extreme difficulties in securing citizenship papers for children of Nepali parents, even when they possessed Nepali citizenship documents, except in cases where the child's father supported the ...
More than two decades after the 1962 war, Sino-Indian relations improved after the 1988 visit of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The two countries sought to ... Just a few days ago, as part of BRI, China proposed a trans-Himalayan trilateral corridor connecting China, Nepal, and India. New Delhi is wary of any ...

It is the duty of the troop contributing country to investigate into any sorts of charges against its contingent. The UN has about 15,000 peacekeepers in South Sudan, whose civil war is well into a fifth year. As many as 1,747 Nepal Army personnel have been mobilised in the country. Nepal with over 4,800 ...
As a physician and epidemiologist who has worked in Nepal for over twelve years, I have seen firsthand the devastation and resilience of Nepali ... Indeed, Nepal's own trajectory is counter to these global forces - a decade-long, brutal civil conflict ultimately led to the fall of the monarchy and the coming of a ...
Nepal and Bhutan, two buffer states wedged between India and China, were the earliest recipients of Indian foreign assistance in the 1950s. ... India's poorly demarcated Himalayan frontier, creating a border dispute that precipitated a short war in 1962 and that continues to vex bilateral relations to this day.
UN peacekeepers from Nepal are facing allegations of child rape in South Sudan, the UN spokesman said Monday, describing the case as “especially ... The United Nations has deployed 14,800 troops and police in South Sudan, with a mandate to protect civilians caught up in a brutal war between ...

Ambassador Puri highlighted the time of the 1857 struggle for independence and thanked Nepal for lending a hand at the time. Puri said, "The first war which we had to fight was for 'freedom' at the time which we had special relation with Nepal also with other countries. The Nepali land gave shelter and ...
Nepal has recently transitioned from unitary system of governance to federal structure. ... Over 200 I/NGOs are working in Nepal, funding local NGOs in health, agriculture, poverty alleviation and good governance programmes. Despite ... This may create conflict between local governments and I/NGOs.
India's diminishing ability to influence Nepalese politics points to its declining power in South Asia as China's presence in the region expands through the Belt and Road ... After a decade-long civil war that ended in 2006, Nepal made a haphazard transition from a Hindu monarchy to a secular democracy.
In November 2017, however the contract was cancelled by a new 'pro-India' Nepali Congress government (Indian Express, November 20, 2017). Oli's proposed revival of the Budhi Gandaki project is both a setback to India, and an indication that the Sino-Indian tug-of-war for influence in Nepal continues to ...
The conflict was a result of the Indian-origin ethnic group Madhesis' protest against the Himalayan country's new constitution, which they said discriminated against them and left them politically marginalized with insufficient representation in local and national governments. Nepali politicians accused India ...
According to Vinit Kumar, chairman of the Kolkata Port Trust, setting up a container freight station dedicated to the Nepalese customers is also under active consideration. Vizag is located 1,400 km from Birgunj in Nepal, which is twice the distance from Kolkata. India opened the Vizag port to Nepalese users ...
The teenager was soon deployed at the frontlines of Maoist attacks on security bases in eastern Nepal. She fought in the battles of Salleri, Bhakundebesi, Chainpur, Sindhuli and Rumjatar. During the fighting in Chainpur, Rai was charging at the Nepal Army sentry point when she stepped on mines laid at ...
Boutique Asian casino operator and developer, Silver Heritage Group (SVH), is embroiled in a legal battle in Nepal after it removed its local partner, ... on February 22, terminated its consultancy agreement with one of its Nepali partners, Rajendra Bajgain, who had accused the company of illegally hiring ...
During the Cold War era, Nepal carved out an image of a state that conducted an independent foreign policy with considerable clout in the international arena, balancing a sensitive ... Maintaining balanced and cordial relations with India and China are the top priorities of Nepalese foreign policy. Nepal ...
DAILEKH: Relatives of Aein Bahadur Shahi have excavated his mortal remains after 14 years of his murder. The Nepal Army had allegedly murdered Shahi, a permanent resident of Mahabu Rural Municipality-6 in the district, in the name of Maoist and buried his body during the armed conflict period.
The iconic Ford Mustang has finally made its way to Nepal after being teased at the NADA Autoshow last year. The new Ford Mustang ... Some of the most memorable films the Ford Mustang appeared in is 'Bullitt', 'Gone in Sixty Seconds', 'War of the Worlds' and 'I Am Legend'. Powering the new Ford ...

Nepal has been reeling under an economic crunch, the country's finance minister of the newly formed federal government, Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada has ... Nepal underwent a decade-long Maoist insurgency in the 2000s and the 2015 earthquake has massively hit the economy of the Himalayan nation.
India had also intervened in the Sri Lankan Civil War in the late 1980s, and drove Portugal from its colonial possessions in 1961. ... the reasons, India will likely be looking to compensate for its loss in the Seychelles with other projects in small, neighboring countries, such as Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.
Questions are being asked if there looms a threat of a Water War between India and Pakistan and India and China, where Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal would eventually turn out to be sorry spectators? It is a catch-22 situation for each of the countries. Partha Prawal tries to analyse the possibilities of a ...
It is not between the United States and China; that is a trade war that will be resolved in due course according to the rules of world trade. The new cold war is between India and China. The war stems from two clashing points of view: India looks upon China with envy, China looks upon India with disdain.
For many decades it was an accepted truth that Nepal's main public health threat was from infectious diseases, and the most cost-effective way to ... More than half of all death and disability today are caused by NCDIs, with nearly 15% caused by injuries in conflict, natural disasters or highway accidents.
China's objective unmistakably is to undercut India's influence in Bhutan in the way Beijing has succeeded in another Himalayan nation, Nepal, where a Chinese-backed communist government took office earlier this year. It was Beijing that persuaded Nepal's two main communist parties to overcome their ...
Incumbent President Bhandari defeated Nepali Congress leader Kumari Laxmi Rai with an overwhelming majority in the presidential election. ... As Nepal's political map was being redrawn after the end of the brutal Maoist insurgency in 2006 and overthrow of the king two years later, Bhandari campaigned ...
In the oral statement, the ICJ expressed its deep concern about continuing impunity for gross human rights violation, which undermines the potential for transitional justice. It has highlighted that more than 10 years after the civil war in Nepal there has been almost absolute impunity for serious human rights ...
“Twelve years after the conflict ended, victims of Nepal's decade-long civil war are still waiting for justice, answers, and meaningful reparations,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The prime minister should seize the opportunity to set a regional example in post-conflict justice.” To date ...
The tournament will be played on Sunday 29 July and all the matches, including the final, will be on the same day. Nepal, who gained T20I status in 2014 became the latest nation to be granted full one-day international status after impressive performances at the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2018 in ...


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