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updated Thu. June 13, 2024

The centerpiece is a reimagining of the Victory Arch, a monument designed by Saddam to commemorate the Iran-Iraq War in Baghdad: Rakowitz copies the crossed bronze sabers of Saddam's massive triumphal arch with plastic lightsabers and GI Joe figurines entombed in clear resin. On the wall behind, ...
On 22 May, Ahmed Mohsen, an unemployed taxi driver, left his house in the Islamic State-controlled western part of Mosul to try to escape across the Tigris to the government-held eastern side of the city. He and his mother, along with ten other people, carried rubber tyres down to the river: most of them ...

In 2005, McMaster's armored cavalry regiment deployed to Iraq at a moment when U.S. fatalities were climbing and Iraq was slipping into an all-out civil war. In Baghdad, senior commanders were telling their field commanders to consolidate U.S. forces on large secure bases, where they would be less ...
The nadir of Western media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Syria has been the reporting of the siege of East Aleppo, which began in earnest in July and ended in December, when Syrian government forces took control of the last rebel-held areas and more than 100,000 civilians were evacuated. During ...
On 18th October 2016, the second day of the Mosul offensive, Patrick Cockburn discussed his latest book, The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle East with the Guardian's Rachel Shabi. Since 2003, Cockburn has written extensively about the Middle East for the LRB; his 35th article ...

If the coalition against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), led by the United States, urges the Iraqi government to address the political war in Baghdad, it has a better chance of seeing a stronger government in Baghdad that is also able to consolidate and extend the military gains in Fallujah. The prime ...
In 1996 I visited Penjwin, an impoverished village in Iraqi Kurdistan close to the Iranian border, where people were trying to make a little money through what must be one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. They would walk through the extensive minefields around the village – laid during the ...

The Mahdi Army, that battled the US army in Najaf, later played a leading role in the sectarian war in Baghdad in 2006-7 in which tens of thousands died. Mr Sadr later disavowed many of his followers who carried out sectarian killings and retired to Iran to carry out religious studies. But on his return to Iraq, ...
Sweet would become a prisoner of war in Baghdad. Johnson himself would earn the Air Force Cross – the service's highest award for valor except for the Medal of Honor – for his own efforts while piloting his A-10 to protect a downed aviator during that war. “[Air Force Gen. Chuck Horner] had made the ...
On 16 June, Kurdish militiamen, with the support of US airstrikes, captured the town of Tal Abyad in northern Syria, a major crossing point on the Syrian-Turkish border. Its fall is damaging to Islamic State: it cuts the road linking the caliphate's unofficial Syrian capital at Raqqa, sixty miles to the south, ...
Following his move to ITV network news in 1998 as Deputy News Editor, he has worked in the field across the world on a number of major breaking stories such as the second Gulf War, the Asian Tsunami, war in Kosovo, the civil war in Baghdad and earthquakes in India and Turkey. Next, Tim became ...
In hindsight, we were fighting the data war in Baghdad with fairly primitive tools. It was before the explosion of social media and the flowering of open-source data. In future battles, he said, governments will be using data not just to predict violence but to fight “the war of ideas.” Just what does that mean?
Army reservist Tanisha Denise Manning, 29, has been serving as a mortuary affairs officer in Iraq for the past year. Manning spent her childhood years in south Stockton and east Oakland and graduated from Edison High School. Courtesy. By Keith Reid ...


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