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“Hurricane Harvey delayed it about two or three months, and when that situation occurred it's like I had a flashback of when I went through Hurricane Rita,” said Thomas. “Some of the volunteers lost a lot of their stuff and at the time my heart was happy, but at the same time it weighed me down. All the love ...

Back in 2005, Hurricane Rita devastated this area. They say they see it as the benchmark storm and try to prevent similar damage from happening again whether it's short-term or especially long-term. "Enhance our capabilities of defending our coastline and our community more importantly because it's our ...
Shults was one of the Navy's first female fighter pilots, and she received a number of awards during her seven years of service. Shults has also taught Sunday School at her church, performed volunteer work for at-risk children, and opened a cottage on her family's property to victims of Hurricane Rita.
Some of the most powerful hurricanes to savage the United States have been accompanied by second, sucker-punch storms that compounded the misery. For example, Hurricane Rita came three weeks after Katrina drowned New Orleans and cut power to 2.7 million electric customers. Landing to the west, ...
I remember how resilient the town of Houma was after Hurricane Rita hit. It was my senior year of high school.” Sailors' jobs are highly varied aboard USS Kearsarge. More than 400 men and women make up the ship's crew, which keeps the ship running, from handling weaponry to maintaining the engines.
The former Harrah's parking garage, prominently located off Interstate 10 at the western entrance to Lake Charles, has been allowed to remain standing despite its blighted condition and unsavory reputation for over a decade while the city shopped it around. Graffiti and vines cover the 600-space garage, ...
After Hurricane Rita in 2005, they build a 17-foot earth levee with a pump system that wraps around the production factory. They're restoring wetlands, refilling canals, and keeping the advance of salt water at bay with weirs, which are barriers that regulate the flow of water. They're also protecting land on ...
... an author, consultant and speaker on long-term care administration issues. He ticked off numerous instances in the past where a well-intentioned exodus can go bad, such as a nursing home evacuation after Hurricane Rita. Exacerbated by residents' oxygen tanks, a bus fire and explosion killed dozens.


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