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"I received a student straight from Puerto Rico whose family had lost everything in the hurricane,” Roxanne Murillo said. Roxanne and her husband, Nicolas, knew they had to help. They were in the market to buy a new car so instead of trading in their old one, they chose to give it to Milagros and Angel, ...

Hurricane Roxanne and Hurricane Rita. Roxanne hit Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula less than two weeks after destructive Hurricane Opal in 1995. Hurricane Rita devastated parts of Texas and Louisiana in September 2005, one of the most destructive storms during that unprecedented season. The name ...
Along its path, Rita caused $15.6 billion in damage when adjusted for inflation, and 120 deaths were reported in four U.S. states as a direct result of the hurricane. Hurricane Roxanne in October 1995 did not affect the United States but struck Mexico as a Category 3 hurricane with 115-mph winds, making ...
In 1995, October-through-November was more than twice as active because of six named storms, four of which were hurricanes, including Category 4 Hurricane Opal, and Category 3 Hurricane Roxanne. According to the National Hurricane Center, a typical October-through-November period sees another ...
In 1995, Hurricane Roxanne hit Mexico. The names Roxanne and Gilbert were retired. But the family tradition continues. Clark's son Dane is a meteorologist in Virginia. Dane Clark's wife Jenifer is an oceanographer. “Between the three of us we have 100 years of NOAA, she said. “He was so brilliant in ...
Target Corp. has been mired in quite a storm since last year, so it's perhaps fitting that one of the people leading the company through it was once nicknamed “Hurricane Roxanne.” Roxanne Austin, who was tapped earlier this month to serve as the retailer's interim board chairwoman, was bestowed with ...


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