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updated Sat. February 17, 2024

This marks a new all-time high, surpassing the previous peak of US$214.8 billion hit in 2005 and largely in response to the impacts of hurricane Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma. This brings the number of weather and climate-related disasters since 1980 to 219 in the US, with cumulative losses in excess of ...
"We've known for quite some time how important this was going to be and we've been diligent about keeping money, and we've been through Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis and we expressed that we wanted to put money in reserve," Cole said. "I feel confident with the board that we don't have to go ...

Hurricane Dennis in 2005 caused $3.2 billion in damage. The hurricane brought storm surge to the gulf coast, toppled trees, and knocked out power in the Big Bend. Hurricane Opal in 1995 brought massive waves and high winds to places like Panama City and Apalachicola. The major hurricane caused ...
In July 2005 she was deployed to Florida after Hurricane Dennis. “Dennis was originally supposed to be hitting as a category 5 (the strongest ranking), but by that time it had actually slowed down to a category 1,” Tiberio said. While there was some sand blown into condos and other damage, it was minimal ...
The last major hurricane to impact the Panhandle was Hurricane Dennis, which made landfall as a Category 3 storm near Navarre on July 10, 2005, merely 10 months after Hurricane Ivan made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama, in September 2004. Together, Ivan and Dennis caused more than $20 billion in ...

It was Cuba's worst hurricane death toll since 16 died in Hurricane Dennis in 2005. Most of Cuba's grand old buildings were confiscated from the wealthy and distributed to the poor and middle classes after a 1959 revolution that promised housing, health care and education as universal rights. But with state ...
That meant extra damage in the 2005 hurricane season, he said, when Hurricane Dennis made landfall in the same area. "If the dune is gone, the next storm could cause trouble," Wang said. In preparation for Irma, Long and his colleagues at the USGS are issuing predictions for overwash, erosion and ...

2005, this Category 3 storm rocked Louisiana and the nation. Katrina caused $108 billion dollars in damage, making it the costliest storm in U.S. history. • Hurricane Dennis: July 2005, Hurricane Dennis hit Florida as a Category 3 storm, in an area that was still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Ivan, ...
The more recent one was Hurricane Dennis in 1981 when over a several day period an amazing 25 inches of rain fell on Homestead, drowning agricultural interests. With much more urbanization since these events, flooding today might be even worse, especially if rainfall totaled four feet, as it likely will in ...
The futures market has "solidly" anticipated the intensifying threat from Hurricane Harvey, commodities king Dennis Gartman says. "This is going to be a short-term event," he says. Oil prices rose Friday as the U.S. petroleum industry braced for the storm barreling through the Gulf of Mexico.
Hurricane Dennis was compact but still powerful on July 10th, 2005. Mobile and southern Baldwin counties were ordered to evacuate. Dennis made landfall near Navarre Beach as a category three storm. Winds were near 120 mph but the eye was only about 10 miles across. Coastal damage blended with ...


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