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updated Wed. April 3, 2024

Hurricane Sandy could be the biggest storm to hit the United States mainland when it comes ashore on Monday night, bringing strong winds and dangerous flooding to the East Coast from the mid-Atlantic states to New England, forecasters said on Sunday. REUTERS/Keith Bedford (UNITED STATES ...
1. The National Hurricane Center's Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Sustained Wind Scale: Category (Cat) 1: 74 – 95 MPH; Cat 2: 96 – 110 MPH; Cat 3: 111 – 129 MPH (major); Cat 4: 130 – 156 MPH (major); Cat 5: 157 MPH or higher (major). 2. Sept. 21, 1938, the “Great Hurricane” hit. Striking during at high ...

All I could think of was that old joke on New England Yankees' speech: “You can't get the-uh from he-uh.” I reached my wife by phone and she drove out of the neighborhood and reported that police were still blocking Bungay Road but were letting a few cars through. I drove back and, sure enough, ...
... the inevitable white-painted or shake-shingled buildings that once dotted the New England shore. There are still people who remember the Bluffs when the building opened in 1935, and offered amusement park rides, dancing, roller skating and bowling. The Bluffs was torn apart in the Hurricane of 1938, ...
But while the past weekend's Nor'Easter wasn't pretty, it can't compare to the hurricane that rocked New London eighty years ago. Known as “The Great New England Hurricane of 1938,” the storm caused a fire that destroyed a long stretch of Bank St., including the property where the New London Fire ...

Looking back, the eagle became airborne during the 1938 hurricane that tossed sailboats onto main streets in New England coastal towns, and fell to the ground in the Blizzard of 1978, which gets capitalized these days because it was so severe. That makes the tally five times that the eagle has flown.
“The water flooded right up through the town, a lot of the buildings, you know, water almost up to the top,” Maureen says of downtown Wareham, while sharing details of the Great Hurricane of 1938. That was a Category 3 storm that killed 600 people in the Northeast. Maureen's street, where her family has ...

I'm a New Englander, born and raised. We love our fall foliage, and even those of us who have witnessed it for decades look in awe as the trees change colors, especially during peak season. I get excited each time I notice that local roads and highways are ablaze with red, orange and yellow trees, and I ...
A 2008 study by the California firm Risk Management Solutions estimated the damage that would occur if the 1938 hurricane came through New England today. “Insured losses from wind, storm surge, and flooding would total approximately $40 billion to $55 billion, including losses to both the private ...
Parts of New England certainly felt the effects of Jose this week, as the hurricane drifted offshore up the East Coast. But it was nothing compared to the devastation wrought exactly 79 years ago Thursday. On the short list of hurricanes to hit New England, the nameless storm of 1938 stands alone (officials ...
Thursday marks the 79th anniversary of "The Great New England Hurricane of 1938," a horrific storm that killed 564 people. If you have never heard of it, you are not alone. Nearly eight decades ago, Southern New England saw what the National Weather Service calls "one of the most destructive and ...


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