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Commissioner Mann said Lee County is still suffering from Irma and dealing with hurricane damage and hurricane cleanup. “Ironically, Hurricane Irma hit Lee County on Sept 10,” he said. “On Sept. 10, 1960, Hurricane Donna took almost the same path. “Donna came at such an angle that she pulled all of ...

Cheeca has been gutted and renovated since the storm. It's not the first time — a hotel on the same site was destroyed by Hurricane Donna in 1960. And there was a fire 10 years ago. "The bones of this hotel have been around for a long time," LaCasse said, "and it's going to be here for a much longer time.".
When Hurricane Donna hit in September 1960, there were only 51 structures on the island, and it took less than 90 days to clean it up. Key Colony Beach Day celebrates its 61st birthday on Sunday around the grounds of city hall. Event parking is head-in along 7th Street, as well as in open lots by 8th Street ...
He lived in chickee shelters for half his life, riding out Hurricane Donna in 1960, one of the most powerful storms to hit Collier County, in a chickee home he had built in Ochopee. "We never ran from hurricanes," O.B. Osceola said. The huts are often able to withstand storms and hurricanes as long as they ...
Hurricane Irma was the first storm in recent history to hit Collier County directly, causing widespread damage to homes and businesses. But 57 years ago, another hurricane swept through Southwest Florida, bringing even more destruction to a much smaller community. Hurricane "Donna was a 10 — it was ...
She lived through Hurricane Donna. Years later, she'd hunker down to face Irma. Hurricane Irma would make landfall in Florida on the same day, 57 years after Hurricane Donna. Author: Hayden Packwood , WTSP. Published: 7:23 AM EDT September 12, 2017. Updated: 7:30 AM EDT September 12, 2017. VALRICO, Fla.
The Florida native lived through one of the most famous storms in the state's history. "I remember sleeping with my head in my mother's lap while she kept watch all night in case we had to run for our lives," Swafford said. She's talking about Hurricane Donna - which made landfall on this day 57 years ago.
With Hurricane Irma's potentially devastating impact on Southwest Florida predicted to begin Sunday, it's safe to say those of us who live here will always remember Sept. 10 as the day Irma came to town. That date, however, has an additional meaning to longtime Florida residents. On Sept. 10, 1960 ...
Weather experts say Hurricane Irma reminds them most of Hurricane Donna, a storm that made landfall near Marathon on Sept. ... This photo provided by Marie Sirucka, shows the flood waters surrounding her family's Masaryktown in 1960, after Hurricane Donna dumped up to 27 inches of rain in 4 days, ...


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