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In 1990, in the wake of Hurricane Hugo, they were flown in to Charleston, South Carolina, to help repair antique furniture and the damaged roofs of stately homes. Nine years later, a team of compagnon metalworkers were brought over from Reims to help to refurbish the Statue of Liberty's flame. In France ...
It was set at $50 million in 1990, the year after Hurricane Hugo showed just how large property claims could be. Payouts caused by insolvencies have not approached that level in ensuing years, but some warn that the Big One could still be coming. They point to the collapse of the Dome Insurance ...

"[This is] the storm... not of the century... in the history of man-kind (at least as we know it)... the most powerful storm to ever affect the East Coast of the United States. Our central Pressure here in North Carolina at 12:50 this afternoon was lower than Hurricane Hugo produced as the eye of Hugo moved right ...
According to the National Weather Service, all-time low pressure records were established in Columbia, Charlotte and Greensboro, even beating out the pressures observed just a few years earlier during Hurricane Hugo's pass through the Carolinas in September 1989. Across the Eastern Carolinas, the ...
The first time I saw pine trees laid out like matchsticks was after Hurricane Hugo in 1989, when I went to South Carolina with some local groups helping people recover from the storm. The damage to homes must have been significant, but it's been cleared from my memory banks. The mental image that has ...

Riley is credited with revitalizing the city's business district and guiding Charleston's recovery from Hurricane Hugo. But his greatest passion is the museum that will highlight the integral but overlooked role that slaves played in state and national history. "It is my duty. I have a duty to get it built," he said.
Maria became a category 3 hurricane on Sept. 18 and doubled in strength within 24 hours, becoming a category 5 hurricane. ○ Prior to hurricane Irma, only four other category 4 hurricanes had been tracked within 75 miles of the central part of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Hugo in 1989 was the last to do so up ...

... Omar Shrine Temple Convention Center in Mount Pleasant. For more information, go to REGAN: Your business is a fabric store but it is so much more—what a great old building. Your store began in 1990 after Hurricane Hugo selling only folk art and antique quilts initially. Tell us more.
ECCO was founded as an emergency relief effort after the devastation from Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The program grew into a permanent resource for the community after it was founded in 1989 as an emergency relief effort to help people recovering from Hurricane Hugo. Funds from Charleston AA will ...
Arden Inabinette and her husband lived creekside in Murrells Inlet in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo devastated the South Carolina coast. She remembers strangers driving up to her house and offering to help. When St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands was decimated by hurricanes Irma and Maria in a two-week ...
Billy Graham toured Hurricane Hugo damage, visited Charleston in 1989 ... Billy Graham speaks at a daycare opening near Ten Mile after Hurricane Hugo. ... but some were able to see him in person in November 1989 when he visited Charleston and toured the surrounding area after Hurricane Hugo.
Share. STROUDSBURG — Ivelisse Mercado, husband Jose Guerra and their teenage sons are from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, where people stay prepared for hurricanes. The couple lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Yet, as destructive as Hugo was, they managed to stay on their native island ...
Being young, my trees easily survived Hurricane Hugo. The hurricanes over the last two years starting with Matthew not so much. Trees in the swamp that were easily 200 years old were the first to go. When one would fall, the canopy would take down the next two and so on and so on. The tall thin pine ...


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