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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (NSEI:IOC), a ₹1.81T large-cap, is an oil and gas company operating in an industry which has persevered through a continued decline in oil prices since 2014. However, energy-sector analysts are forecasting for the entire industry, a somewhat weaker growth of 6.21% in the ...

Currently, offshore oil operations on federal lands require that companies pay 18.75 percent in royalties back to the federal government. ... the royalty rate back down to 12.5 percent "would be an irresponsible change that would deliver an unjustified windfall to private industry at the expense of the public.".
“This trial should be a wake-up call to the oil industry. Some of the most senior executives at two of the biggest companies in the world could face prison sentences for a deal that was struck under their watch,” said Barnaby Pace of campaign group Global Witness. The court case is expected to last at least a ...
While the government remains focused on boosting oil production to kickstart growth in its petroleum dependent economy, the industry has had an ... Higher cash flow and a stronger balance sheet will give the company considerable financial flexibility, including the ability to dial up its investment in ...
Tariffs that President Trump plans to slap on imported steel will have a negative impact on energy projects, oil industry groups warn. Trump is pursuing ... The oil and gas industry relies on foreign steel to build projects across many of these sectors, according to the American Petroleum Institute. "The actions ...
There appears to be a disconnect where US shale industry is either viewed as too efficient or productivity and economics of the industry is about to implode. ... However, if you are going to assume that a handful of E&P companies with the best acreage will single-handedly drive overall U.S. oil production ...
"The imposition of U.S. oil sanctions is now edging closer to reality. Such a move would act as the death knell for Venezuela's oil industry," Stephen Brennock, oil analyst at PVM Oil Associates, said in a research note Wednesday. President Donald Trump is reportedly considering sanctioning Venezuela's ...
Three Plano oil companies and their executives took $11.7 million from "unsophisticated" investors and spent some of it on alcohol, strip club visits and ... oil well shares to more than 150 people, sometimes targeted investors who had no investment experience and knew little about the oil and gas industry.
These changes may sound subtle, but they signify a marked shift in direction in an industry that for years fought government climate regulation and in many cases sought to murky the ... In some cases, oil companies will shift some of their refineries from making gasoline to making other petroleum products.


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