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updated Sat. October 21, 2023

Anyone who has worked at a television network has loads of stories about pieces that were spiked or totally suppressed because the corporation went into damage-control mode. One recent example: 60 Minutes. On December 3, during a congenial retrospective presentation — “Fifty Years of 60 Minutes” ...

In 1990, when George W. Bush's little-known firm, Harken Energy, was awarded a lucrative contract from the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain, the deal was widely seen as an effort on the part of Bahrain's royal family to win favor with the White House. In 1985, Jeb Bush [brother of George W and Governor of ...
In 1998, MKJ Xploration -- a company that is part of a consortium including the then-named Harken Energy Corporation -- was given the right to explore for fossil fuels in 5,634-square-kilometers in the Caribbean. This included four of the 22 oil blocks that the Costa Rican government had designated for ...
His work highlighted such subjects as the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Iran-Contra affair, the World Finance Corporation, and the relationship between George W. Bush and Harken Energy Corporation. The mystery of Lombardi's alleged suicide has yet to be resolved. On March ...
Harken Energy Corp. was a medium-sized, diversified corporation that had been purchased in 1983 by a New York lawyer, Alan Quasha. Quasha seemed interested in acquiring not just an oil company, but the son of the Vice President. Harken agreed to acquire Spectrum 7 in a deal that handed over one ...
Court dismisses lawsuit by Harken Energy against Costa Rica ... After more than nine years, the Administrative Disputes Tribunal has dismissed a lawsuit against Costa Rica brought by Texas oil firm, Harken Energy. The company, which ... The company later sold its Costa Rican interests to Harken Energy.
Instead of exhuming archival footage of gas station lines from the '70s, producers might have re-aired the more recent tape of former Harken Energy director George W. Bush strolling hand-in-hand through the Crawford bluebonnets with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, just in case anyone was wondering ...


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