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updated Mon. May 27, 2024

The polling organization now finds “the widest educational gap in partisan identification and leaning seen at any point in more than two decades” between Republicans and Democrats. In 1994, the majority of U.S. residents with four-year college degrees leaned or identified as Republican, at 54 percent; ...
In a poll conducted this week by The Economist and the polling organization YouGov, only 29 percent of respondents said they approved of Trump's handling of LGBT issues, the Washington Blade reports. Seventeen percent said they strongly approve and 12 percent said they somewhat approve.

"This is the same left-leaning polling organization that in 2013 told us Sanford would resoundingly lose, while he instead won by nearly 10 points," Kohan said. "As you can see with the number of public stops Congressman Sanford has had this week in the Lowcountry, he's focused on doing his job for the ...
Amazon's stock decline comes amid a broader selloff in tech and financial stocks, with Facebook especially taking a beating amid a scandal over the misuse of user data by polling company Cambridge Analytica. Those troubles may have created a negative backdrop for Amazon's decline Wednesday.
The stock decline for Amazon came amid a broader selloff in tech and financial stocks, with Facebook especially taking a beating amid a scandal over the misuse of user data by polling company Cambridge Analytica. Those troubles may have created a negative backdrop for Amazon's decline Wednesday.
According to the Gallup organization, a renowned polling organization, Prescott is ninth in the United States for overall well being. The Gallup study, the State of American Well Being series — the results of which Gallup released this month — examines well being across the nation, with 186 communities ...

Polling company YouGov has come under fire on social media after it was revealed that one of their online surveys questioned whether benefit claimants should be allowed to vote. The company ... Critics of polling companies often claim that their main purpose is to shape public opinion, instead of gauge it.
Amazon's stock decline comes amid a broader selloff in tech and financial stocks, with Facebook especially taking a beating amid a scandal over the misuse of user data by polling company Cambridge Analytica. Those troubles may have created a negative backdrop for Amazon's decline Wednesday.
While we do sometimes run some questions for publicity, the vast majority of our work is for paying clients – this is, after all, how polling companies make their money. So, the answer to the question "Why are YouGov asking that question?" is almost always “because a client has commissioned us to ask it”.
PUBLIC support for Ant McPartlin has dropped significantly since his drink-drive arrest according to YouGov research, with opinion ratings showing a sharp decline. The Saturday Night Takeaway host, 42, dropped 61 points on the polling company's scale, which tracks celebrity popularity from an average ...
According to the survey conducted by the YouGov polling company between March 20 and 21, the percentage equals seven in every 10 French people. The results came out on Monday, coinciding with the third anniversary of the war which has left about 14,000 people dead and displaced three million ...
YouGov PLC (YOU.LN) said Monday that pretax profit for the first half of fiscal 2018 jumped 78%, citing strong organic revenue growth. For the six months ended Jan. 31, the polling company made a profit of 4.5 million pounds ($6.4 million) compared with GBP2.5 million in the same period a year earlier.
The best guide to a poll's accuracy is to look at the record of the polling company - how have they performed at previous elections or other occasions where their estimates can be compared with known population figures. In the last poll before the 2016 election, the Essential Report estimates of first ...
The SurveyMonkey poll found that Facebook's favourability rating dropped twice as much as other technology companies. The polling company asked 2,878 adults in the US about their views on technology companies in October, and then again last week. Facebook's favourability rating fell 28 points, which was a far bigger ...
“This poll confirms that even in Pennsylvania, a state known for its avid sportsmen and robust NRA membership, support for gun control is on the rise,” Jim Lee, the polling company's CEO, said in a news release. Lee suggested migration to Pennsylvania of people from states such as Delaware, New Jersey ...
Alberto Carlos Almeida, a political scientist who runs a polling organization, said that Mr. Temer may yet backtrack on his intention to run. The deadline to register a candidacy is August. “I think he is doing this to discourage candidacies from inside the government, or close to the government,” Mr. Almeida ...
Murray was named the founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute in 2005. In that short amount of time, the institute has established itself as one of the nation's leading independent survey research centers, earning A+ ratings from, one of only five polling organizations ...

Angus Reid is the latest polling company to find Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's popularity in precipitous decline in the wake of his widely criticized trip to India. Trudeau's net approval rating of -16 is well below Stephen Harper's rating of -1 at a similar point in his tenure. Fifty-six per cent of respondents say ...
The most recent poll from the Levada-Center, a nongovernmental polling organization in Russia, found that 81 percent of Russians approve of Putin, even though only 42 percent approve of the Russian government, as of mid-2017. At least one scholar thinks this is due, in part, to Putin's efforts to stifle ...
It was conducted by Victory Research, which describes itself as an independent polling company that is not affiliated with any of the gubernatorial campaigns. It found Pritzker with a narrow lead his nearest opponents, Chris Kennedy and Daniel Biss, among every demographic group, including gender, ...
CASTLETON — About five months after moving the Castleton Polling Institute out of The Opera House in downtown Rutland, Castleton University said the institute will be closing down, at least for the near future. The institute isn't closed yet because there are still some outstanding projects to complete.
NASHVILLE, Tenn.--New polling data released by Nashville-based polling company icitizen finds residents are unfamiliar with the candidates and opinions on former mayor Megan Barry tends to depend on gender. iCitizen polled over 400 Davidson County residents to assess their opinions about Nashville's political future ...
Survation, the only polling company to accurately predict the 2017 general election result, has Labour on 44% and the Conservatives trailing on 37%. The Lib Dems received ... Polling companies such as ICM and ComRes failed to anticipate voter turnout, particularly among the young. This suppressed the ...
Reports vary on just how many Americans use such devices, but all suggest that adoption is relatively high. On Tuesday, for example, the polling organization Gallup and Northeastern University reported that about one in five American adults use an intelligent home device such as Alexa, Google Home or ...
There isn't much good news for Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Doug Ford in the online poll conducted by Angus Reid Institute, which bills itself as a national, non-partisan polling organization. Roughly half of the 807 Ontario adults surveyed March 6 and 7 have an unfavourable ...
“The party absorbed some supporters of the Democratic Party and the Liberty Korea Party,” the polling company said. The Justice Party's rating went up 1.3 percentage points to 5.8 percent, and Realmeter said it benefited from the An scandal. The Party for Democracy and Peace scored 2.7 percent.
Conducted by Israel's Maagar Mohot polling company, the survey included a random sample of 517 respondents and had a 4.3-percent margin of error. For the last several months, Netanyahu has been the target of multiple corruption probes by the authorities. Last month, police recommended that he be ...
An opinion survey has revealed that islanders are divided on the location of Jersey's future hospital. 51% of the 1000 islanders surveyed, said that building on the current site is the right decision, whilst 47% disagreed. The States of Jersey used a UK polling company to gather opinion on the new hospital ...
Mexico's Reforma newspaper gave him an 8-point lead, while polling organization Consulta Mitofsky put the gap at just 5 percentage points. Independent hopeful and former first lady Margarita Zavala surged to 10 percent of the vote in the Parametria poll, while on-leave Nuevo Leon Governor Jaime ...
US healthcare polling company and online physician community SERMO has launched a tool called Dashboard Analytics, allowing clients to see the results of their surveys in real time. Peter Kirk Acquired by healthcare researcher WorldOne in 2012, SERMO runs a network of 1.8 million healthcare ...
"Today there was a reaction from the Palestinian people and popular activists, a reaction to this dishonorable and awful reception" by the polling company, Khawaja said. Last month demonstrators disrupted a meeting between US diplomats and the chamber of commerce in the Palestinian city of ...
Nothing amuses me more as a political scientist than people who just don't trust polls. The skepticism is usually brought on by incredulity about some type of polling analysis—“There's no way black districts voted more Republican in 2016 than in 2012”—which is usually followed by some nonscientific ...
President Donald Trump loves to scream, "Fake News," whenever polls show his low approval ratings. But unfortunately he can't make those fake news claims when it comes to marijuana. The polling company Fabrizio, Lee and Associates, which happens to be the polling company that Donald Trump has ...


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