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Hawaii, the long-awaited challenge to President Donald Trump's travel ban targeting eight countries, six of which are Muslim-majority. .... He took the extraordinary step of soliciting a dissenting opinion from his Attorney General, Caesar A. Rodney, distributing it to the press, and sending it to the customs ...
"This does not qualify as a revolution, in my opinion, but if they try to nominate someone whom the general public doesn't like, and the protests ... mass protests in Moscow in 2011 and 2013 that followed parliamentary and later presidential elections; both of which were criticized as deeply flawed and ...

It's an opinion piece; that's what I think.” I mentioned ... Because to the best of my memory, no man who ever lost a presidential election was ever told to shut up and go away. And I'm glad they ... In 2000 and 2004, there were reasons that had to do — especially 2004 — with the 9/11 attack. In 2008 and '12, ...
Now the president's returning the favor – setting up Sinclair to be the next Fox News .... "So," David Smith asked Snyder near the end of the interview, "what's your opinion on abortion?" “I said to ... As the 2004 presidential election neared, ABC's Nightline ran a memorial show to honor the war dead in Iraq.
Between 2003 and 2004, Bush averaged 50 air strikes per day. In 2003, he proudly displayed the iconic “Mission Accomplished!” banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Following a 2008 campaign which championed an anti-war agenda, and after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, President Obama ...
[Get more of the biggest debates of the day right in your inbox by signing up for the Opinion newsletter.] In 2004, with the re-election effort of George W. Bush in full swing, I was asked to become an on-air contributor for Sinclair — which was not well known at the time — a Baltimore-based entity owned by ...

This was the first decline in 20 years in a presidential election and the largest ever recorded. The 2016 turnout rate was also below even the rate for the 2004 election, when John Kerry was the Democratic candidate. At a hearing with the top lawyers from Facebook, Google and Twitter about Russian ...
“Political involvement in the 2016 presidential election was fairly close to the 2008 election, the most recent open-seat election, but did not quite reach it on most metrics,” the authors wrote. “Compared to 2012 and 2004, when incumbents ran for re-election, involvement was somewhat higher, but the ...
As Miller himself put it in 2004, just before ending his contentious Senate tenure, the party grew away from him, not the other way around. “I compare it to being ... Conor Lamb won a House seat in a district that President Donald Trump carried by nearly 20 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election.
So President Trump will visit our state this week. Ain't that a hoot? ... It's taken a while, though; no president has taken longer to visit California after his election since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936. The reason for the delay? ... We've been majority-minority since at least 2004. Activists have created ...

Skripal betrayed dozens of Russian agents to British intelligence before his arrest in Moscow in 2004. He was sentenced to 13 years ... Russia said May's allegations were politically motivated and a provocation ahead of Sunday's presidential elections, according to Russian media. TASS news agency said ...
In fact, in the inaugural direct presidential election in 2004, voters cast their ballots twice as no presidential ticket won the majority of the vote in the first round. ... Saiful Mujani Research & Consulting (SMRC) found in its public opinion survey that 66.9 percent of respondents would vote for a Jokowi-Prabowo ...
The explosion of the smugs-versus-trolls phase of our political discourse is traceable to a 2004 confrontation between Jon Stewart and the political ... Nor that when Russians allegedly tried to meddle in the last presidential election, they chose to do it in meme form, with Facebook ads featuring Jesus and ...
To begin, any assessment of President Obama has to reckon with the extraordinary election that resulted in the election of Donald Trump as his successor, .... Obama had clearly articulated his understanding of the nation when he came into the spotlight during the Democratic National Convention in 2004.
In 2012, when Barack Obama won re-election, only 46 percent of millennials turned out, compared with 72 percent of those 71 and older. Millennial turnout jumped to 49 percent in the 2016 general election but still lagged electoral participation by boomers (69 percent), Gen Xers (63 percent) and silent ...
Since it cannot be said the last presidential election was conducted by the rules, we must say we need another election. Only by another election will we really know which person the American people really want. Trump is not ... The AR-15 a military weapon came on the scene after the 10-year ban in 2004.
As we celebrate our democracy this President's Day, Associate Professor of Music Paul Christiansen, Ph.D., of the College of Communication and the Arts, offers new insights into presidential elections in his first book, Orchestrating Public Opinion: How Music Persuades in Television Political Ads for U.S. ...
Supporters to listen to President Donald Trump speak at a factory in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, on January 18, 2018. .... He worked as a political consultant and speech writer for numerous campaigns including John Kerry's 2004 Presidential campaign and was formerly a Vice-President at The Century ...


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