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updated Wed. January 11, 2023

La PORTE — Facing a shortage of polling place help and eager to draw young people into the process, local election officials Thursday voted to allow ... Those who are 16 or 17 can work as poll workers if they are U.S. citizens and residents of the community, have a grade-point equivalent of not less than ...
A new Quinnipiac poll shows that if democrats win control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, more than 70 percent of their supporters ... Although the overall percentage of American voters who favor impeachment has actually declined seven percent since January, the survey ...

Bilingual poll workers including Spanish and Native American language translators are needed, Tempert said. The election department soon will have the names of all qualifying candidates, as well as the address of precincts and other information on its website at The Arizona ...
Fifty-six percent say they have little or no confidence at all in the American people's ability to make political decisions. That's actually .... The U.S. Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo as secretary of state Thursday with support from five of the ten Democrats up for re-election in red states this fall. Democratic ...
Another poll on the U.S. Senate race between former Gov. Phil Bredesen and U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn has the Nashville Democrat with a narrow lead, according to a survey released Wednesday. The survey, commissioned and released by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy, found 46 percent of ...
6:56 a.m.. Polls are open in the Phoenix area for Tuesday's special election to fill a vacant U.S. House seat in which Republican Debbie Lesko and Democrat Hiral Tipirneni are running to replace former Congressman Trent Franks. Tipirneni is an emergency room physician and a cancer research advocate, ...

And, yes, tell me what else you don't love in the poll. One thing I don't want to lose sight of amid all of this: In 1994 and 2010, the president's party took an absolute beating at the polls -- losing control of the House in both elections. So, even if Trump winds up at 37% in October -- like Clinton and Obama ...
The Pew Research Center and the Center for American Progress have produced methodologically sophisticated surveys of the electorate that sharply ... Ruth Igielnik, a research associate there, to provide a comparison of 2016 election demographics in the Pew survey data with those in the exit poll data.
With a primary Election Day on Tuesday that will determine the Democratic and Republican frontrunners for all 36 congressional districts, a US ... Ted Cruz told supporters that Democrats would “crawl over broken glass in November to vote,” warning that Republicans “could get obliterated at the polls.”.
It's crunch time in Italy this weekend, when voters head to the polls in a general election with the potential to upend financial markets and spark political turmoil in the eurozone. On election day, March 4, Italian polling stations open at 7 a.m. local time, or 1 a.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. They close at 11 p.m. ...

Of the 75 polls in this database, the average absolute error was about 5 percentage points. The true margin of error (i.e. the 95 confidence interval) is closer to +/- 13 percentage points! You may remember when a special election poll taken with a few weeks of the Georgia 6th special election in 2017 had ...
While Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) are considered safe experts say the election in the fall could still hold some surprises. ... According to the poll, Republican likely primary voters strongly support both Greg Abbott (84%) for Governor and Ted Cruz (73%) for U.S. Senate.
WASHINGTON — Minnesota prohibits people at polling places from wearing T-shirts, hats and buttons that express political views. In a First Amendment challenge to the state's law on Wednesday, the Supreme Court explored what kinds of apparel the law bars as the justices considered how to balance ...
Growing number of Americans concerned Russians will interfere in midterm elections: Poll ... Earlier this month, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said “Russia probably will be the most capable and aggressive source” of using cyberintelligence to push propaganda and influence U.S. elections.
Washington (CNN) About 6 in 10 Americans say Donald Trump is not taking seriously enough the investigation into Russian efforts to influence the US presidential election, and about the same share lack confidence the president is doing enough to prevent foreign interference in future elections, according ...
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. registered voters solidly believe that President Donald Trump does not deserve to be re-elected, by 59% to 37%. The percentage of voters who say Trump deserves re-election is essentially identical to that of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama at the time of the 1994 and 2010 ...



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