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updated Wed. November 22, 2023

[WATCH] EFF walks out of presidential election in Parliament ... And eventual call for him to step down, where, I'm sure you're familiar with the pro gupta pro BLF site black opinion where they accuse him of, and I quote "calling for the democratically elected President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Mugabe, ...
What I Said When My White Friend Asked For My Black Opinion On White Privilege Lori Lakin Hutchinson, The Huffington Post The concept of “white privilege” is constantly debated, challenged, and questioned, particularly by white people. What is it? Is it even real? And what about “black privilege?

The same people who move heaven and earth to make sure their kids aren't blocked out of the right colleges by affirmative action, who couldn't care less about the astronomical unemployment rate and rampant crime in the inner cities, who think there's a lovefest going on between African-Americans and ...
The intersection between America's age-old race problem and the crisis of race in journalism takes two forms. The first is a simple failure of integration: the news organisations that have traditionally comprised “mainstream” journalism have done little to welcome or encourage African-Americans, who are ...
I was annoyed too, because like other African Americans, I'm tired of people "discovering" things that have been a part of black culture for hundreds of years. .... presented as the consensus position of an outraged “black Twitter,” these same journalists misrepresented a large part of black opinion on Twitter.

The uniquely harsh African American economic experience since 2007 has divided black opinion further from that of other elements of the Obama coalition. Only 29 percent of Latinos under age 30 think illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans—but 48 percent of African Americans under 30 think so.
The quote dates back to the 1990s, when Cain was honored by the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, a non-profit dedicated to the .... racially fraught matters deserves greater weight because he is black, and can therefore offer the allegedly dispositive "black opinion" on racism or dog ...

The series, which started in 1965, was the first weekly show to feature an African American in a lead role, but it rarely factored race into dialogue or plots. ..... Cosby's rhetoric on culture echoes—and amplifies—a swelling strain of black opinion: last November's Pew study reported that 71 percent of blacks feel that rap is a ...
When black voices rally to validate and defend extremist ideas, political observers should watch with heavy skepticism. In April, the National ...
Between the deaths of greats like Prince and Muhammed Ali, the destruction in Aleppo and the circus that was the U.S. presidential election, ...
Over the course of 2014, America seemed to reawaken to one of its oldest ... political coverage, in the long run-up to the 2016 presidential election. ... done little to welcome or encourage African-Americans, who are substantially ..... invited, as evidence that black opinion is being heard, even better, perhaps, ...
This makes DuPree the first African-American in modern times to receive ... In the 2008 presidential election, John McCain won Mississippi with ...
Justice Black's opinion in Afroyim v. Rusk framed citizenship as a right and raised the bar for its dispossession. Black vehemently rejected the idea of "a fleeting citizenship, good at the moment it is acquired but subject to destruction by the ...
... was unemployed, housing prices had fallen by 10.5 percent and President Herbert Hoover's inability to turn things around paved the way for Franklin D. Roosevelt to win the White House in one of the biggest landslides in presidential election history.


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