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updated Fri. June 28, 2024

The practice of encouraging whistleblowing dates back to the American Revolutionary War, when Congress passed a law encouraging members of the military to report suspected cases of prisoner abuse. Many of the provisions involving whistleblowing provide financial incentives, anonymity, and ...

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Most of the inmates in the Daggett prisoner abuse case have long criminal records on charges ranging from burglary to child abuse. Most charges involved drugs. However, all the prisoners had been screened by the Department of Corrections and approved for medium-security facilities like the Daggett ...
That's why prisoner abuse under Saddam was torture, but under the US it is simply "disgraceful conduct". ... on the unveiling of his book, "Consequence: A Memoir" on his time at Abu Ghraib stated that he was "shocked that the American people were so shocked and that they had this kind of idea or that they ...
From Attica to the strike led by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee last year, these protests draw attention to an ugly truth: Prisoner abuse runs ... These exploited labourers are disproportionately African American and Latino - a demographic status quo resulting from the draconian sentencing ...
Four sheriff's deputies have been arrested amid allegations they committed 'terrorizing' acts against prisoners. Photograph: Stephen Lam / Reuters/Reuters. Four California sheriff's deputies have been accused of “sadistic and terrorizing acts” against inmates, including encouraging prisoners to throw urine ...
Wisconsin made national headlines over its scandal involving the juvenile prison known as “Lincoln Hills,” where officials are alleged to have ignored or failed to report a shocking number of allegations involving sexual assault, child neglect, prisoner abuse and other crimes. Solitary confinement has been ...
Responding to a lawsuit, the Department of Defense last week released 198 photos that added little to our understanding of the shameful period after the Sept. 11 attacks during which American troops systematically abused detainees. If the military has its way, the period will be largely forgotten.


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