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updated Thu. September 8, 2022

“He's not speaking partisan language,” says Vince Cannistraro, who came up from Boston to the town hall in Nashua. “I'm surprised people are not catching onto him.” But perhaps they have: Today Mr. Kasich will find out. Write A Comment. Share. Featured Posts, Abortion, Concord (NH), Federal Budget ...

Vince Cannistraro, a former chief of operations for counterterrorism with the CIA who is now a consultant for ABCNEWS, said… many people in the U.S. intelligence community believed that some of the men arrested were working for Israeli intelligence. Cannistraro said there was speculation as to whether ...
According to several respected US analysts on the Middle East, such as Vince Cannistraro, former CIA head of counterterrorism, and Judith Yaphe of National Defense University, the message emanating from Israel and its right-wing US supporters is that the road to Jerusalem and an Arab-Israeli peace ...
Vince Cannistraro is a successful entrepreneur and parent of three who attended an Internet safety presentation at his children's school in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and was bothered that there was no safe and secure online social networking option for kids. He felt that today's youth would benefit from being ...
Until just a few years ago, Moussa Koussa was the head of Libya's intelligence service and, in that role, developed a close working relationship with the U.S., especially on counterterrorism. But this relationship has been complicated at best. Vince Cannistraro, a former CIA official, has never met Koussa, but ...
All of the signatories had severed their ties to US intelligence, although three of them, Phil Giraldi, Larry Johnson and Vince Cannistraro, work as consultants for news organizations, corporations and government agencies outside of intelligence. A few days later, six recently retired officers responded.
The letter, signed by Phil Giraldi, Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson, Jim Marcinkowski, Vince Cannistraro and David MacMichael, said Tenet should have resigned in protest rather than take part in the administration's buildup to the war. (Read the full letter). Johnson is a former CIA intelligence official and ...
TANYA NOLAN: As the President talks up the future of Iraq, Washington has launched an investigation into some of the past claims for going to war. The FBI has been asked to look at claims that some government officials had allegedly provided unauthorised and highly classified information to Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi ...
Mr Clarke has turned on his former master, a year after stepping down as the cyber-security adviser charged with protecting America against an "electronic Pearl Harbour". He has accused President Bush of doing a "terrible job" fighting terrorism - of ignoring the al-Qaeda threat before 11 September 2001 ...


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