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Chase Brandon

is a thirty-two year career veteran with the Central Intelligence Agency. For twenty-five years he served in CIAs elite Clandestine Service as an undercover, covert operations officer carrying out foreign assignments involving international terrorism, counterinsurgency and global narcotics trafficking. During his Agency career he has also been a foreign political affairs analyst, Presidential briefer, and a CIA training instructor in tactical paramilitary and espionage tradecraft disciplines.

In his current assignment, Mr. Brandon is a Senior Operations Officer assigned to the Office of Public Affairs where he serves as the official Agency liaison with the film industry. Mr. Brandon provides technical support to documentary, feature film and network television programs committed to factual, realistic portrayals of the CIA. He is also Master of Ceremonies for official CIA public events, official on-camera spokesman for selected televised news stories, documentary programs and other public venue activities.

Mr. Brandons film credits include The Recruit, Sum of All Fears, Enemy of the State, Bad Company, In the Company of Spies; and he has been the technical consultant for television programs including The Agency, Alias and JAG. He has made numerous appearances on Discovery, Learning Channel, History Channel, PBS, A&E and other documentaries as well as interviews on E-Entertainment, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and other film industry news programs.

Chase Brandon

Chase Brandon

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updated Sun. November 5, 2023

In the film, agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) is a white CIA operative (spoiler!) whose selfless heroics help the Wakandans save their kingdom. However given the intelligence agency's checkered history, especially in Africa, the CIA's star billing and heroic turn in a celebration of black empowerment ...
Based on thousands of pages of US military and intelligence documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, the book reveals the power of the ... which also featured Al Pacino as Farrell's mentor, was heavily influenced by the CIA's long-serving entertainment liaison officer, Chase Brandon.

In an interview with The Guardian, veteran CIA operative Chase Brandon confirmed that “We've always been portrayed erroneously as evil and Machiavellian…It took us a long time to support projects that portray us in the light we want to be seen in.” And shows like NCIS already receive special assistance ...
It's a situation that's prompted countless debates across the region this week: Do you let thieves get away with tools you need for your livelihood? Or chase them at the risk of public safety, in this case an innocent child? The construction worker who chased after two thieves who'd made off with equipment ...
Tom Secker and Matthew Alford report on their astonishing findings from trawling through thousands of new US military and intelligence documents .... There is no formal CIA script review process but the Agency's long-serving entertainment liaison officer Chase Brandon was able to insert himself into the ...

There is no formal CIA script review process but the Agency's long-serving entertainment liaison officer Chase Brandon was able to insert himself into the early stages of the writing process on several TV and film productions. Brandon did this most prominently on the spy thriller The Recruit, where a new ...
Former clandestine officer Chase Brandon joined the CIA in 1996 as a liaison between Hollywood studios and production companies, with the intent of ... Blatant propaganda, the series argued repeatedly that torture produced actionable intelligence, which has long been understood to be untrue, and which ...

In 1996, the CIA hired one of its veteran clandestine officers, Chase Brandon, to work directly with Hollywood studios and production companies to ... Although the show Alias is fictional, the character Jennifer Garner plays embodies the integrity, patriotism, and intelligence the CIA looks for in its officers.”.
But more probing critics might highlight that the romanticized representation of spies in film has, in fact, been a boon to the Intelligence Community. ... This was the project of longtime CIA officer Chase Brandon, first cousin of Tommy Lee Jones and (not coincidentally) the first CIA Entertainment Industry ...
"I have a lot of respect for Chase (Brandon)," says retired CIA director Robert Gates. ... Post that he'd once discovered, inside the Agency's Historical Intelligence Collection, a box confirming the 1947 crash and recovery of spacecraft near Roswell, complete with official government documents and photos.
IN the last week, the American public has been reminded of the Central Intelligence Agency's contradictory attitude toward secrecy. ... How, then, does one explain how Chase Brandon, a former C.I.A. covert operative, became the agency's liaison with Hollywood (“Mission Impossible III”)? And what of the ...
Now, one former CIA agent says he has information that could solve it. ... Now ex–CIA agent Chase Brandon says he knows what really happened. ... into the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., and found something he did not expect in a restricted section of old documents called the Historical Intelligence ...
“It was not a damn weather balloon — it was what it was billed when people first reported it,” said Chase Brandon, a 35-year CIA veteran. “It was a ... It was during this time, in the mid-1990s, that he walked into a special section of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., called the Historical Intelligence Collection.


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