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updated Tue. February 13, 2024

As Earl Pitts would say, wake up America. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. We have a moral problem in our country. Church attendance is down. Some are even closing. We say we are a Christian nation but that is in word only, not in action. If people would go back to the one real savior, the Bible, ...
November 24, 2015 – Pelton is released from prison. Earl Pitts:1983-1996 – Earl Edwin Pitts works at the FBI. 1987-1992 – Pitts passes information on FBI operations to the Soviet Union and Russia. 1995 – A Russian diplomat at the UN names Pitts as a former spy. FBI agents posing as Russian intelligence officers contact ...

Edna Earl Pitts, 90, of Silsbee, died peacefully at home, surrounded by her loved ones on Monday, April 16, 2018. She was a long-time resident of Silsbee, Texas. Edna's passion was spending time with her family, genealogy, history and writing. She was one of the original founders of the Hardin County ...
As Earl Pitts says, “Wake up, America.” I say, “Wake up, residents of Indiana County” who have not joined Citizens' Ambulance Service. A recent article in The Indiana Gazette cited Patrick Dougherty, district attorney, working a case: “Their work was exemplary. … If it wasn't for the heroic efforts of Citizens' ...
Bowlers A-Go-Go: Earl Pitts, 234; Jim Kelly, 235; Hector Molina, 257; Kevin Kirby, 244; Shahab Babakhani, 223; Debra Becken, 252; Ben Mechling, 209/522; and Jim Kelly, 287. Wednesday 5 Star: Burt Barham, 280/688; Richard Spadino, 214; and Steven Conger, 213. Wednesday Trio: Kelly Amos, 222; ...

Sometimes, he helps politicians, a group of people he skewered through his characters, particularly Earl Pitts, the redneck commentator who still weighs in daily on politics, culture and his family, beginning each segment with, “Ya know what makes me sick?” Burbank-as-Pitts can be heard doing campaign ...
Today the reawakening Bear gleans information, not from the Rosenbergs or Aldrich Ames or Earl Pitts, but via tete-a-tetes between a steely, experienced intelligence agent and a minority-elected, can't-make-up-his-mind, foreign policy neophyte. Six decades ago Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and ...

The second FBI agent caught spying for Moscow was Earl Pitts, who volunteered to become a mole for the KGB in 1987. He handed over classified information to the Russians until 1992, by which point they'd paid him more than $220,000. In 1996, Pitts was caught in an FBI sting operation. He pleaded ...
Gary filled the airwaves with a crazy cast of characters: redneck commentator Earl Pitts; the Synonymous Bengal; newsman Dan Buckles; former Reds owner Marge "Saint CEO" Schott; Bengals owner Mikey Brown in the daily "All My Bengals" soap opera; blues player Howlin' Blind Muddy Slim; Rev.
Weigh in: Scroll to the bottom of this story to rank your favorite Cincinnati media icons. As Jim Scott rides off into the sunset, it's time he takes his rightful place among Cincinnati's media legends. For while the area has produced a contingent of famous broadcasting personalities, there's only a handful in the ...
For much of his life, Chad Lambert has been obsessed with two things: "WKRP in Cincinnati" and Gary Burbank. Two crazy radio gangs, one fictional and one real. "I quite literally moved here in 1994 because of 'WKRP' and my dream to work on the 'Gary Burbank Show,' " says Lambert, who was Burbank's ...
(CNN) Here is a look at some US citizens who have been convicted of spying against the United States. Aldrich Ames: 1962 - Aldrich Ames, son of a CIA analyst, joins the agency as a low-level documents analyst. 1967-1968 - Enters the Career Trainee Program at the CIA and becomes an operations ...


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