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IN the 1980s, that most meretricious and malodorous of decades, the age of Aids and outrageous consumption, when I visited New York on a regular basis, the gap between the haves and have-nots was as chasmic as the city's vertiginous caverns. Crossing Manhattan in the early morning, on my way to ...
Harold Nicholson, while sticking with him, observed his alarming penchant for discipline. You see that too today, in the mouth: the charm of the smile disappears as the lip twists into something more cruel. His life in France contained many satisfactions and he had no great desire to return to Britain.

Sykes was supported by the shrewd advice of Sokolow, who knew how warily the cabinet would regard the proposition, and assisted by Harold Nicholson, a young British diplomat. Eventually, the proposal was reduced by Sykes to a formula that satisfied Weizmann and Sokolow. It was then sent to Lord ...
While working as a patrol officer, Elroy and retired officer Harold Nicholson pioneered the department's bicycle team. “We were having nighttime business burglaries and we couldn't get there fast enough,” he said. “Nicholson and I did some research and found Seattle Police Department had implemented a ...
(CNN) Surrounded by FBI agents and US marshals, Bryan Denson's first encounter with an ex-CIA spy nicknamed "Batman" came in 2009 in a Portland, Oregon, courtroom. But as Jim Nicholson faced the judge, Denson noticed the ex-spy's expression bore little of the hero-like confidence that earned him ...

... and Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, whose most famous inhabitant, Vita Sackville-West, is well known for her affairs with women including Virginia Woolf, throughout her marriage to author Harold Nicholson. chantryhousesteyningcopyrightnigelpurdey.jpg. Re-listed: the West Sussex home of the artist Gluck ...
Back in 1959, Harold Nicholson said, “There are those who regard the foreign service as a kind of bird sanctuary for elegant young men…arrayed in striped pants and spending most of their time handing sugar cookies to ladies of high society. Conversely there are those who regard diplomatists as an ...

As Harold Nicholson wrote to his wife, Vita Sackville-West: 'The whole place is like a setting for a ballet. Choruses of stewards, sailors, fireman, stewardesses, engineers. There are also some fifty liftiers in bright scarlet who look like the petals of salvia flying about those gold corridors. That is the essential ...
Local attorney Harold Nicholson sent a letter to the village saying that multiple residents had approached him with concerns about the property. Nicholson demanded the village take action through its local junkyard law. He called the lot “an unregistered junkyard,” and an “eyesore.” He added that he felt it ...
This season there were references to Sissinghurst Castle on Biddenden Road (both spelled out on the back of a couple of men's looks), which is renowned for its gardens cultivated by the English poet and novelist Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicholson in the 1930s. Prior to becoming ...
Over 100 high explosives fell in Bloomsbury, according to Bomb Sights — some, in the immediate vicinity of Senate House. Indeed, on the night of 7 November 1940, Senate House was the victim of a direct hit. It's recorded in the diary of diplomat Harold Nicholson, staying at Senate House at the time:.
Harold James Nicholson:1980 - Harold Nicholson joins the CIA after serving in the United States Army. 1982-1989 - Nicholson works for the CIA in the Philippines, Thailand and Japan. 1992-1994 - Deputy Chief of Station/Operations Officer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. June 1994-November 1996 - Provides ...
Perched in the crook of a stream right-angling through the gardens at Sissinghurst, Kent, is a conical pavilion built in 1969 in memory of the writer and diplomat Harold Nicholson. His son Nigel used it to write Portrait of a Marriage about his parents - his mother was Vita Sackville-West - thumping away on ...


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