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The more an owner, for his advantage, opens up his property for use by the public in general, the more do his rights become circumscribed by the statutory and constitutional rights of those who use it.
Justice Hugo Black, Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501 (1946) logo
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updated Thu. May 26, 2022

Based on preliminary information, Kilgore ISD might have to pay back $675,000 in tax revenues accrued over three years, said Revard Pfeffer, the district's chief financial officer. The district has an annual budget of $30.5 million. “It's going to hurt us a little bit,” he said. “it's not going to devastate us.”.

Up on the Roof: State Supreme Court Looking at House Dispute ... (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court is looking at real estate in western Michigan. The court ... In August, the state appeals court reversed a local decision and said David and Helen Goyings should have been ordered to remove the home.
Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a petition for certiorari in the case of Knick v. Township of Scott. In Knick, the Court is being asked to re-examine its 30-year-old doctrine requiring takings claimants to exhaust state court remedies before filing a claim for just compensation stemming from a ...
On one side, property owner and Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla wants Martins Beach, a secluded crescent-shaped stretch of sand and bluffs, to himself. On the other ... Unwilling to back down, Khosla is now appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court over his right to shut out the public. His latest ...
Should the U.S. Supreme Court make it easier for property owners to file federal lawsuits against governments who commandeer their property? ... A federal judge threw out her takings claim based on the 1985 Supreme Court decision because she didn't pursue a state claim for compensation.
Hunter's Lessee, a famous 1816 decision, one of the main reasons why federal courts have ultimate jurisdiction over federal constitutional issues is "the importance, and even necessity of uniformity of decisions throughout the whole United States, upon all subjects within the purview of the constitution.
Beyond those cases already subject to oral arguments, the justices have been wrangling for three months over how to respond to the Trump administration's request to dissolve a lower court decision that cleared the way for pregnant Central American teenager who entered the US illegally to obtain an ...
In numerous opinions dating back to the 1970s, the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that public forums, such as streets and town squares, serve an important democratic function. The court has therefore held that if government property is a public forum, regulations that burden the use of that property for ...
Supreme Court justices today seemed reluctant to completely upend a decades-old rule for interpreting fractured high court decisions in a case that could have ... The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based its decision on a 4-1-4 opinion that the Supreme Court issued in 2011 on whether defendants are ...


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