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updated Thu. February 16, 2023

But Governor Pete Ricketts and Attorney General Doug Peterson are against the measure because of a legal question pending before the United States Supreme Court in a South Dakota lawsuit against online retail giant Wayfair. At issue in that case is a previous decision in Quill Corporation v.
For some odd reason our County Board has now taken displeasure with an 8-year-old Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. ... Their ballot question is should we amend the First Amendment of our United States Constitution by basically declaring that groups of associations (corporations, unions, ...

The Supreme Court's holding introduces a new legal standard and reverses a prior Osaka high court decision setting aside an arbitration award in favor of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. and certain of its subsidiaries (“Sanyo”) in a dispute with its former U.S. distributor under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the ...
Right now, the Supreme Court is deciding the future of our economy. The most important case, of course, is Janus v. AFSCME, which will determine the future of public-sector unions. But there's another, lesser-known case that could make it easier for giant corporations to control entire industries. Ohio v.
In the 2010 Citizens United decision, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out that portion of the federal law that banned political speech by corporations. ... In the early 1960s, Virginia had a statute that made it a crime for the NAACP, a nonprofit corporation since 1911, to advertise for black people who could ...

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a case that could devastate public-employee unions. ... The West Virginia Supreme Court upheld the orders and quoted an earlier decision: "While some constitutional protection is extended under the First Amendment to public employees to organize, ...
The White House bypassed the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Western US, a court with the reputation for making liberal-leaning decisions. The administration ... Instead, the Supreme Court deferred to rule on the appeal, deciding to keep DACA in place until a decision could be made. Now the appeal ...

"If we have to go to the U.S. Supreme Court to get the right answer, we will." The case was first filed in ... Federal court decisions in the last decade have freed up political spending, allowing corporations and other groups to establish so-called superPACs, which can make unlimited political expenditures.
United States: California Supreme Court Embraces Employee-Friendly Formula For Calculating OT Pay ... This decision formally breaks from the federal manner of calculating overtime which allows for dividing total compensation by total hours worked to compute ... Dart Container Corporation of California).
Federal court decisions in the last decade have freed up political spending, allowing corporations and other groups to establish so-called superPACs, which can ... "Under the law as you would have us apply it, a corporation, whether it be 126 or GE or Raytheon could essentially contribute to a PAC which is ...
When the Court issued its decision on this second case, the justices expressly declined to decide if corporations were people. The dispute could be, and ... The Supreme Court's opinions are officially published in volumes edited by an administrator called the reporter of decisions. By tradition, the reporter ...
The Supreme Court has reversed a lower court decision holding that some detained immigrants have the right to regular bond hearings. The ruling sends ... Rodriguez was written by Justice Samuel Alito and holds that some immigrants do not have a statutory right to bond hearings under US law. The Ninth ...
Recent Supreme Court decisions in the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby cases have brought the apparent triumph of corporate rights to the forefront of the national consciousness. But the nature of the role of corporations in United States history is poorly appreciated, often undermining the quality of the ...


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